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Aesmah - Walking off the Horizon Award winner

Walking off the Horizon
by Laura Glover at 27 October 2019, 6:01 AM

AESMAH, a band formed in Lyon, France in 2009 with two members are presenting their third release “Walk off the Horizon” on November 29, 2019. I think it is worth mentioning that their preorder package to this album includes a limited edition, marbled white/grey vinyl, with only 500 copies made. For all of you vinyl lovers out there. Their first two releases, EP’s “Hegemoney” in 2009, and “Imeria” in 2012 were well received and caught the attention of a couple of fanzines. This, in turn, brought on many positive reviews and accelerated their popularity as a band.

WALK OFF THE HORIZON” is a Melodic Death Metal, glorious album to just put on and let play all the way through. It boasts some progressive sounding vocals from Francois Tissot and Oliver Girard. As well as trance-like, atmospheric guitar, bass, and drums with Simon Moulin on guitar and Audrey Gardenat on bass. The addition of the other two members to the original two, well let’s just say these four were meant to be. The proof is in the album’s awesomeness. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out for yourselves once it is released. In the meantime, I will include a link to a sample of the album for your listening pleasure.

"Quartz Pt. 1" has such a soft and beautiful intro, short as it is just a prelude, but this prelude lays the groundwork for the album itself. One minute of sound that wrenches your very heart and soul. I very much like when a band intro’s like this. I can tell by the first few soulful chords that I already like the album. "Quartz Pt. 2"  leads us and drops us softly off to pt. 2, while the soulfulness continues, we now add progressive vocals. These two complement each other with utter perfection. No wonder AESMAH caught the attention of so many with their EP’s. This song is extremely well put together with A+ presentation.

"Waves of Singularity" – With a mixture of amazing vocals, this song also is a pleaser. Every single song on this album seems to hit just the right combination of darkness and gothic melodies. Complete with drum beats that are classically metal and gloriously epic. "Emerald Visions" has a powerful and fast entry, this is a very progressive sounding song. This song truly has a classic metal sound to it, sung to melodic beats. Yet it has its soft interludes, like an embrace after the brutality of the vocals. "Stained Souls" is a song whose poetic name induces thoughts of Poe-like quality to them, with those powerful guitar riffs this album is proving to be full of. I mean, you just can’t go wrong when you play like that!! Many props to the guitarists/bassist in this band for giving us such beautiful sounds.

 This entire album is one of epic glory. I can’t say I disliked a single song on “Walking off the Horizon”. As a whole I really liked this album. I had not heard AESMAH before venturing to do this review. So, if AESMAH is new to you as well, we are in the same boat. However, as much as I did like this album I will be listening to more. They’ve absolutely made a fan out of me. Thank you AESMAH for the awesome album. Keep em coming! If I could rate this higher than a ten I would. Great album!!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Quartz pt. 1
2. Quartz pt. 2
3. Wave of Singularity
4. Emerald Visions
5. Nameless Echos
6. Feeding the Eclipse
7. Ocean of Veinings
8. Stained Souls
9. Hollow
10. Ghosts
Francois Tissot – Vocals/Bass
Olivier Girard – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Simon Moulin – Guitar
Audrey Gardenat – Drums
Record Label: Apostasy Records


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