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Aeternal Seprium - Doominance

Aeternal Seprium
by Jack Webb at 04 May 2017, 12:44 PM

Hailing from Italy AETERNAL SEPRIUM has carved out a niche little market in the oversaturated genre of modernized heavy metal. “Doominance” is the band’s second full-length release after 2012’s “Against Oblivion’s Shade”. With a Celtic vocal spin on heavy metal’s core elements, they seem to have a little touch of something much larger.

The opening run of “I Will Dance On Your Tombs” and “Grieving April” fall completely in the borders of heavy metal. Razor vocals, double kick and melodic flowing lines of guitars work well, if a little underwhelming in places. But the staccato vocals in the last third of  “Grieving April”  are passionate and heartwarming.

“Unawaken” throws the first curveball into the mix with its chorus drenched guitar intro. Sounding at first out of place, it is pure NWOBHM love as the rousing vocals and shimmering cymbals build together. Before a classic riff, crescendos it into a mosh ready anthem. “Rock My Name” is the guitarist’s track of the album. Featuring riffs that skate across lines of melancholy, and tonal shifts to encapsulate the twinge of sadness within the track.

“Artemisia” is a misstep for the album however, the start / stop musical lines are a great idea, but against the drawn out vocals they feel awkward and disjointed. A redeeming quality for the track however is the soaring guitar solo that falls just before the outro. “Fuck The Narcissism” and “Il Rifugo” are the albums yin and yang tracks. The former opens with crushing guitars and pummelling drums, the latter is an acoustic lead piece that draws you in with endearing Italian vocals.

The final two tracks are a ‘best of heavy metal’ sample platter. With all the stables used in such a way that the band sound as if they are at the cutting edge of the NWOBHM  movement, if only 40+ years too late. “End iIs Far…Or Else” deserves praise however, for its outside the box thinking when it comes to lead guitar ideas.

“Doominance” is a classic call back to the heavy metal of old. It is to both the albums merit and detriment that it follows so closely to the path that others trod in years gone past. Yes the songwriting and production is on point, harking back well but with the mentality of new. But the overwhelming majority of this album has been done before. It is worth your time however, even if it does have you reaching for a SAXON cd right after.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 4
Memorability: 7

3 Star Rating

1. I Will Dance on Your Tombs
2. Grieving April
3. Unawaken
4. Rock My Name
5. Artemisia
6. Fuck the Narcissism
7. Il Rifugio
8. Devil Pray
9. End Is Far … or Else?
10. The Refuge (Bonus Track)
Santino Talarico - Bass
Matteo Tommasini - Drums
Leonardo Filace - Guitar
Andriano Colombo - Guitar
Fabio Privitera -  Vocals
Record Label: Deathstorm Records


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Edited 05 February 2023

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