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Aetherial – Nameless Horrors

Nameless Horrors
by Will Travers at 09 November 2020, 10:43 AM

Down in the depths of suburban Melbourne, if you were to listen very carefully, you can hear the heavy and dense and musical offerings of ÆtTHERIAL. The young duo have made some waves on the scene after their debut release “The Still Waters Of Oblivion”. But here today we are looking at their sophomore album “Nameless Horrors”.

The artwork for this album is very simple, with an overarching style that allows the cover to appear like a tile, something that you don’t often see. The record opens with “Indifference To Suffering”, the enticing introduction is soon shattered with aggressive riffs and a tantalising vocal line that just exhumes energy and intensity throughout. This is continued in earnest into and through “It’s Only Blood” seemingly to find a renewed intensity as “The Grave Empties Itself” bursts through my speakers. Ruthless blast beats, an apparent unwavering energy within the guitar lines and the solid vocal display from Shep.

The influences from the more classic styles of Death Metal are starting to become apparent, steady and deliberate riffs introduce us into “The Evil Age” and once again this is another solid track, something which is beginning to become the status quo throughout. Stop what you’re doing and listen to the intro to “Second Death”, now listen again and tell me that it doesn’t get your blood pumping? Can’t do it? Didn’t think so.

Normally I would leave the last few songs so as to leave a surprise for the listener, however there is a pattern of behaviour emerging that is exemplified in the final track. ÆTHERIAL have produced gem after gem of introductions, and as a final hurrah, “Spitting Teeth” is no different, as the music builds into a final onslaught to really see the record home.

Overall, this was an impressive album. The duo have clearly learned a lot since their last release and are continuing to build their knowledge and skills. I would recommend this to any fans of Death Metal and I look forward to seeing where this exciting group are heading

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Indifference To Suffering
2. It’s Only Blood
3. The Grave Empties Itself
4. The Evil Age
5. Second Death
6. Insatanity
7. Kill The Master (Resurrection)
8. Spitting Out Teeth
Shep Sheppard – Vocals
Cassandra George – Bass
Record Label: Spirit Against the Flesh Records


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