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Aethernaeum - Wanderung Durch Den Daemmerwald Award winner

Wanderung Durch Den Daemmerwald
by Manel Lilioth at 15 April 2013, 5:46 PM

On 19th April 2013, AETHERNAEUM will appear for the first time, after Alexander Paul Blake finished his solo project, with “Wanderung Durch Den Deammerwald” through Einheit Produktionen as their debut album. Their music defined as nature mystical atmospheric Black Metal with spiritual texts of the magical elemental forces of nature, Passionate, epic, sublime, romantic, short-tempered and stormy the perfect soundtrack for nocturnal wanderings through forests.

The album combines both harsh moments of rage and quiet ambient passages for the whole seasons of the songs clearly shows the special compositions that moves far beyond the usual verse-chorus-verse scheme. Spherical surfaces and enchanted soprano voices surround the opening “Auf Den Nebelfeldern” offers in 11 minutes a masterly arranged interplay between the natural black metallic thunderstorms and magical mist forms, the same way in “Waldaura” from the tranquil aura of the forest to the root of the wild dance . The acoustic two interludes “Totenlichter” and “Deva” are epic companionship, highly sophisticated instrumental minutes, dark classical atmosphere, these two reminds me strongly on my idol “Le Rue Delashay”. As usual starting with slow tempo, dark and heavy riffs then it pulls immediately whispered vocals calls forth for the moments of fascination, “Zu Mittwinternacht”, where the voltage is increased continuously within the song and guitars thicken slowly but steadily into a wall of sound that resonates powerfully through the ear canals, "The Huegelvolk" is very Folk, brimming with passion, eloquence and myth. It is set in worlds that spring from the imagination of the written sagas samples with mysterious noises emphasize the content of the lyrics, even string sound is built, an unique piece that you want to run on "Repeat". “Tanz Der Schturmeister” includes slow passages and sometimes even ambient parts in which AETHERNAEUM fall into wild frenzy. The last and not the least “Sonnentor”  builds up its tension with seemingly effortless ease over ten minutes a harmonious keyboard the  intro is soon supported by a dreamy guitar melody, which opens into a hair-curling part that finally reveals the full splendor through this colossal ballad. Finally reveal the short acoustic epilog makes this mystical voyage into the wood to an end and AETHERNAEUM has no more to add.

The lyrics are universally understood, catchy and they have almost sung along character. This work is full of amazing and touching aspect that makes “Wanderung Durch Den Deammerwald” successful journey through nature and myths. So, discovered it, feel it and let yourself  be surprised.

5 Star Rating

1. Auf den Nebelfeldern
2. Waldaura
3. Totenlichter (interlude)
4. Zur Mittwinternacht
5. Deva (interlude)
6. Das Huegelvolk
7. Tanz der Sturmgeister
8. Sonnentor
9. Abgesang (epilog)
Alexander Paul Blake - Voice, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Songwriting
Marco Eckstein - Guitar
Motte - Guitar
Markus Freitag - Cello
Hendrik Wodynski – Drums
Record Label: Einheit Produktionen


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