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Aethyrick – Pilgrimage

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 10 May 2022, 3:07 PM

Formed in Finland in 2016, Black Metal band AETHYRICK presents their fourth full-length here titled “Pilgrimage,” which contains eight tracks. Without any materials in their EPK, I had to turn to The Metal Archives to obtain any bio information on the band. The album contains eight songs.

“The Turning Away” leads off the album. It’s pretty traditional Black Metal but done with audible riffs and some layers as well. The mood is depressive and the backing elements further this feeling. “In the Chapel of One Spirit” begins with a slower, more calculated groove. The guitars still build a fairly thick wall of sound, but it’s also one where some holes get through. As it moves forward, the desperation grows. “Threefold Resurrection” opens with a more powerful sound of hatred and despair. Close to the half-way mark, backing vocals enter. Lead guitar parts are added and the feeling of wanting to tear your flesh off are magnified.

“Winds of the Wanderer” is a slower moving song with plenty of despondence. The wanderer journeys across barren lands, never coming into contact with another human. Still, he wanders with hope. “A Brother to the Stars” begins with a faster moving pace along with some haunting background elements. The guitars build powerful moments of despair. “Hallowed Bloodline” is another slow but desperately depressing song where the lead guitar notes punch you in the gut over and over until you are doubled down with temporal pain.

“The Moon and Her Consort” is a short, two-minute song of clean guitars and a feeling of serenity. It gives you just enough time to breathe before the murderous sound enters and breaks through the wall of comfort. “Kingdom” closes the journey. It opens with a slow and melancholy groove with some chunky bass notes. From there, the road is desperately full of foot holes and rocks, making your travels nearly impassable. This pilgrimage was a solid album overall. Unlike a lot of Black Metal, this album breathes just enough to let you take in more than just vile vocal shrieks and a wall of guitars and drums. The songs are composed more carefully, and with due consideration.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Turning Away
2. In the Chapel of One Spirit
3. Threefold Resurrection
4. Winds of the Wanderer
5. A Brother to the Stars
6. Hallowed Bloodline
7. The Moon and Her Consort
8. Kingdom
Record Label: The Sinister Flame


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