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Aevangelist - Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss

Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss
by Carlos Garcia at 16 November 2015, 11:08 PM

The North American Black/Death Metal band, AEVANGELIST, presents their fourth album, “Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss”, and immediately, I have to say that the listener must be familiar with the proposal of the band to not be surprised, or have the ears ruptured by  the chaos imposed by the album.

Opening with "Arcanae Manifestia", which begins with screaming guitars and dissonant background sounds on guitar’s chords , to then be surrounded by a sonic storm, blast-beats and insane vocals, insanity, chaos and dissonance are the watchwords. And these dissonant sounds, noises, screams and and sonic chaos are constant in whole album, but do not always work, even hurting the ears (maybe that's the intent) and there is no much space for melody and harmony. Another thing does not work in my opinion, are the intros, sometimes too long, and could have bet on more atmospheric interventions, similar to what we can hear in "Alchemy".

It must have been a complicated mix, for that would not be very confusing and became in just rambling noise.

"Cloister Of The Temple Of Death" continuing chaos brought the opening, bringing a sense of madness and mental disorder, we are in the midst of a pandemonium, and things are only slightly lighter in times when the bases only fixed on the weight and more traditional speed Black Symphonic bands like EMPEROR, as on the track "Gate Keeper's Scroll", where, despite the dissonant sounds during the song, there is presence of melody before the chaotic riffs and vocals sometimes screaming, sometimes guttural .

The tracks have longer durations, except for the intervention "Alchemy", with its electronic and acoustic passages, with 2:47 minutes, and the longest, with more than 13 minutes, the final chapter of  this opus of chaos and dissonance, "Meditation of Transcendental Evil", with  an intro almost ethereal while desperate, which we heard in the background cries of pain, agony and despair that last more than three minutes, for then the Black Metal sonic storm starts again, always accompanied by dissonant sounds. The song ends abruptly, and then the listener have a few minutes assimilating what happened, and how good the silence can be sometimes, especially after so much sonic chaos.

Not so easy to digest on first listen, and probably not pleasing to listeners who are not followers of the style, because I believe that those who press for melody and harmony and more traditional styles of Metal, maybe will not pass the first track. The specific audience of Black Metal, for them, yes, i’ve to recommend checking this pandemonium. And even the most eclectic and curious listener might find interesting. Another sure thing is that this opus is something hardly to be played live! He he he.

3 Star Rating

1. Arcane Manifestia
2. Cloister of the Temple of Death
3. Gatekeeper’s Scroll
4. Alchemy
5. Levitating Stones
6. Emanation
7. Meditation of Transcendental Evil
Ascaris - Vocals, Sax, Cello, Other
Matron Thorn - Bass, Guitar, Drums
Noise - Vocals, Other
Record Label: 20 Buck Spin


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