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Aevangelist - Writhes in the Murk Award winner

Writhes in the Murk
by Michael Coyle at 22 September 2014, 7:31 PM

A blend of all forces, extreme, dark and ambient, and surely an album that will make you think.

We start off with the song entitled “Hosanna”, from start to finish this song has a grip on what I can only describe as a mind bending torture to the soul, powerful and very unique this song has an original blend of traditional black metal construction mixed together with the speed and ideas that death metal has brought into the game over the years. To really help sum up this track, I can only say that it has a speed and aggression, to which makes this band more and more interesting to follow on as the song continues.

Through listening to this record so far, I have found that there are a lot of different ideas that have been placed within it; the idea of ambiance so well made, along side the darker element, is incredible.

The next track to grab my attention on this record is the second song entitled “The Only Grave”. As before, this song has a very powerful opening as it holds what I can only describe as a classic voltage of traditional black metal ripping chords and vocals, it has a strong beat to it as well as a very interesting use of noise and guitar tones, accompanied by the echo of screams of torment; it has this classic and very memorable tone to it, which shows that the band themselves are using all in their power to create something so strong and so brutal at the same time. As I listened to this track, I felt this type of madness flowing through it as if this song came from beneath the remains of the mental torment of any person trying to break free from the bonds of darker and more painful creativity. The idea of this song almost reminds me of a mixture between EMPEROR and HELLHAMMER, I say this because the tones used through the entire song have this resemblance to both band’s styles, but mixed in with their own natural formula.

To conclude, listening to this album was like taking a journey into ones own subcontiousnous, a dark and disturbing journey between knowing and unknowing, is how I would describe it really. Still it’s an epic and interesting journey to say the least.

4 Star Rating

1. Hosanna
2. The Only Grave
3. Praeternigma
4. Disquiet
5. Elixer
6. Harken To The Flesh
7. Halo of Lamented Glory
8. Writhes In The Murk
Ascaris - Voices, Saxophone, Cello
Matron Thorn - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Ambiance, Noise, Vocals
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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