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Aevum - Multiverse

by Jean-François ‘’Jackal’’ Poulin at 30 March 2020, 4:30 AM

AEVUM is a Symphonic Metal eight Piece from Turin, Italy. They are not to be confused with another Italian Black Metal band that has the same name. You have two types of singers, you have the growls and you have the Soprano-like vocals. I am not the biggest Soprano fan but if you mix it well with the growls, you can have something really surprisingly good. It’s not easy to bring the whole band together, especially when you have eight members but every member plays his part admirably. I guess you can say this album is a sort of Metal Opera that tells an enchanting story.

I think something that really stands out is their lyrics and lyrical themes, most of the Symphonic Metal bands out there have fantasy or gothic imagery but this band talks about History and Arts, olden times of opera, theater, poetry, ancient literature. As for that type of lyrical content, it does compare to the likes of SYMPHONY X in their beginning with albums talking about Homer’s Odyssey of the ancient gods of Greece. The imagery is quite a departure of the genre and I felt it was a nice touch honestly. They really go with the path less traveled bar none.

They definitely follow the path of bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION and EPICA, I mean those comparisons will always be there. When you have Female Fronted Symphonic Metal bands, you are bound to talk about these great bands but what these bands have that a lot don’t have is a front woman that commands attention. Sharon Den Adel and Simon Simmons aren’t there for style and substance, they are there because they have the pure talent to front the band and they broke barriers in the genre. AEVUM are a band along those lines and have Lucille Nightshade at the helm. She has this overall presence that you can feel throughout at the moment you hear the opening lyrics. She has power and charm in her voice and continues the legacy of the aforementioned front women.

There a more electronic elements in this band than a lot of bands of the genre. They don’t hesitate to think outside the box and add this to their repertoire. The use of keyboards and synthesizers to songs like ‘’The Time Machine’’ add another dimension to the song. I felt this songs sounded a lot like what AMARANTHE has been doing the last two albums and I really enjoy AMARANTHE even though it may be a bit more commercial than other bands in the genre.

‘’Tair’’ is another song that really stands out, Hydra does a fantastic job with the growls at the beginning of the song and he shows off his unique talent. Then you got the clean vocals mixed in with the charming vocals of Lucille and each singer really completes each other. I guess you can say this song is a 3-Headed beast with all the singers really shining through. I think they used the three different styles even better than the aforementioned AMARANTHE. I know it’s not easy to blend everything together seamlessly, but they did a fine job especially on this song though.

One another thing I truly liked is that the songs aren’t too long. They are the right length and I know a lot of bands seem to have songs that really drag on but this is far from the case. In only 8 years they have grown so much from their previous albums and they really matured as a band. It sure as hell not easy with 8 members and some band replacements along the way but I felt they forged their own style. They have three capable vocalists that complement each other nicely. If you want something a bit different in the genre, mixing a bit of AVANTASIA and traditional Symphonic Metal, this band is sure to bring you to your feet. A unique blend of original lyrical themes and powerful renditions make this band a real winner.

They are a real eye-opener, they really helped me to broaden my horizons in the genre and they are an absolute beast of a band. They are the definition of a diamond in the rough, and a marquee band in the future and probably the future of the Symphonic Metal genre without a shadow of a doubt!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Pilgrim
2. Spark of Life
3. Tair
4. Black Honeymoon
5. The Time Machine
6. Cold Spot
7. Ulas
8. Hopeless
9. Fratricide
11. Seeds
12. The Garden of Mars
13. Cessate Ormai Cessate
Lord of Destruction – Rhythm Guitars
Emmanuel La Croix –  Guitars
Cosimo De Nola  – Drums
Hydra – Vocals (Growls)
Richard – Piano and Backing Vocals
Ian – Keyboards
Paul Grey Hunter – Bass
Lucille Nighshade – Vocals (Soprano)
Record Label: Dark Tunes Music Group


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