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Aevum - Multiverse

by Neil Cook at 19 May 2020, 5:54 PM

I am going to start this review with an apology to the band.  I really tried to get into this collection of songs. I actually wrote this review twice, because I was sure I was missing something. And in the days we live in presently, there is far too much negativity in the world.  But I am very sorry this album was simply not for this reviewer. I am in no doubt this is a talented group of musicians.  This is their third full length album since forming in Italy in 2008, so any band with over 10 years standing has something about them, and must have a decent following.

But the style of their music is not for me. I found there was too much going most of the time, which for me made a lot of the songs sound the same (which may be a deliberate thematic device in Classical music, especially Opera), and there were too many disparate voices, the “normal” voice, the bombastic female operatic one, the modern metal growl, often all at the same time. I think the drum sound didn’t help for me, it was to my tastes a bit mechanical and precise.  Not being a guitarist I don’t have the words to explain in technical terms, but there was a repetitive use of a particular technique, in a lot of songs, which after a while stuck out to me.

However it wasn’t all bad.  I liked the opening track “The Pilgrim”, possibly because it was the first track, and definitely because I really liked the use of the bass to great effect as a lead instrument, not just part of the backing track. I also enjoyed the keyboards. Intricate where they needed to be, and understated enough to be the bedrock o the song elsewhere.  I’ll also praise the use of samples.  Samples are not really something I am too familiar with, but in places, their use was enhancing, where they could easily been a distraction.

I actually enjoyed the track “The Garden Of Mars”.  Whilst still having a LOT going on, it felt like it had more space, I appreciated the vocal more and musically it didn’t feel over-stuffed.  And I liked the instrumental final track “Cessate Orami Cessate”.  Perhaps if this had been offered earlier in the piece as a musical interlude, things may have flowed differently to these ears. So again sorry AEVUM, I was not the right reviewer for your opus.  I will however go back and try again, because there feels like there is something I should give more time to, learn to appreciate your music, as I feel it is an acquired taste.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. The Pilgrim
2. Spark Of Life
3. Tair
4. Black Honeymoon
5. The Time Machine
6. Cold Spot
7. Ulas
8. Hopeless
9. Fratricide
10. WW III
11. Seeds
12. The Garden Of Mars
13. Cessate Orami Cessate
Hydra - Vocals
Lucille - Vocals
Lord - Guitar
Emanuel - Guitar
Ian - Samples
Richard - Keyboards
Paul Grey Hunter - Bass
Cozy - Drums
Record Label: Dark Tunes Music Group


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Edited 03 February 2023

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