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Aevum - Nova Vita

Nova Vita
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 July 2012, 4:33 PM

Through darkness and light there is no rest. Many creations rose and fell in that thin barrier between what is holy and blissful and what is depraved and immoral. With such indecision of who to put your money on, some change is bound to happen. It should represent a new type of structure to be borne. It should be announced by a signal, a marking, an angel of judgement. I conclude that this is the better way to present the rather ongoing Italian Symphonic / Gothic Metal band of AEVUM, conspired as that same angel that will carry with it the so much needed change in today’s social order. “Nova Vita”, a new life, fresh breath of air within one’s lungs, a newborn rising to a new destiny, selected for the title of the band’s new EP. Within “Nova Vita”, the forces of good and evil, demons and angels fight for a rightful recognition in this world. The fight is represented through a royal battle of voices along with the musical drama, which was decisively created by this fine group.

AEVUM share the unending conflict with musical ideas pretty similar to older acts of the same approach such as EPICA, DRACONIAN, CREMATORY and early NIGHTWISH, yet even while following after such icons or other similar acts, the dominance of the vocal section can be truly felt. Through mainly three full tracks, along with an intro, mid way point and an outro, AEVUM deliver the goods with both elementariness but with a little additional tang of constructive ends. Their music is harmonic carrying a heavy load of effects, piano and keyboard notes and verses played by Richard & Ian along with a nice rhythm section to provide the scenery with the needed shards of grey. Lord Of Destruction played several of solos, which sometimes felt as if those were added in the last minute, that came out pretty good though I can’t really complain. On the other hand, as I pointed out, the main event of this release was the concurrence and accord between the vocals of Evelyn Moon & Hydra, both clean vocals acts, especially Moon that sang in different tons, including an operatic one. All throughout the release Hydra was backed Richard that aside his usual piano work, was the demon behind the scenes with rudimentary growling that was displayed just in the right spots. This amazing joint venture of vocals can be felt strongly on the epic self-titled track, “Nova Vita”, which poses the album’s greatest achievement when it comes to both production and composition. It actually sounds like an aria taken from an operatic act divided into segments. I have to admit that I haven’t heard such orchestration of both vocals tugged together with great Metal music, even if is rather a side show, in some time.

Right before the spark of a new day, there is a sea of a choral grayness to experience before starting a new chapter, a new life. AEVUM offers you a free pass to a wooden ship sailing across that sea, so don’t be afraid and head over to the docks, it is waiting. Even if you won’t understand the whole chants in Italian, don’t worry about it there is plenty of English written words for everyone.   

4 Star Rating

1. Inno Alla Bellezza
2. My Poison
3. Dreaming
4. From Dust To…
5. Nova Vita
6. Canon In F Minor
Evelyn Moon – Lead Vocals
Hydra– Lead Vocals
Richard– Piano / Growls
Ian– Keyboards / FX
Lord Of Destruction– Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Violet– Bass / Backing Vocals
Flavus- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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