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Affront - Angry Voices Award winner

Angry Voices
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 24 December 2016, 7:30 AM

From the ashes of UNEARTHLY, another great name is ravaging Brazilian lands of Rio de Janeiro with their brutal and oppressive music: AFFRONT. Gathered together, they unleashed a violent Thrash/Death Metal furious album called “Angry Voices”, their first release.

Obviously, some elements from the oppressive brutality and aggressiveness of their other musical projects are here, but in a different shape. Due to the Thrash Metal influences, some lashing guitar riffs are presented, but the Death Metal fury is unleashed on the band’s tempos, that also feed the impact of their songs. Even some Death/Black elements can be heard with some Brazilian percussions as well, but they use their experience from names as UNEARTHLY, IMAGO MORTIS and AINUR (just to name a few) to feed their musical ideas, and the result is brutality in a Thrash/Death Metal format different from anything you can know from the style. It’s truly amazing!

M. Mictian and R. Rassan produced the album, creating a sound quality that fuses the brutal impact of their songs with a high level of clarity and weight, with very good tunes being used in all the songs. The cover is a fine art created by Marcelo Vasco (the same one that made covers for SLAYER, BORKNAGAR and many others). What makes “Angry Voices” such a fine album is the dynamic of the songs, the very good musical arrangements and details. The lyrics show the corruption and violence that bind Brazilian reality day by day, except for the concept behind the instrumental song “Terra Sem Males (Guerra Guaranítica)” (made entirely on bass guitar, and the idea is a homage to the Brazilian Indian tribes that fought on 16th century against the invaders of their lands) and “Mestre do Barro”, with lyrics on Brazilian Portuguese that speaks about Mestre Vitalino, a man who worked with sculptures made of clay and whose works are exposed in many museums throughout the world (and that is not as famous in Brazil as he deserves).

Their best songs: the brutal and fast ones “Scum of the World” (showing excellent guitar work, both on riffs and solos) and “Angry Voices” (that is not extremely complex, but it is a massive attack of guitar riffs), the bitter tempos of “Conflicts” (showing a fine work on bass guitar and drums, that created a solid and heavy rhythmic mass), the instrumental “Terra Sem Males (Guerra Guaranítica)” (played on bass guitar and shows a great melancholic), the Brazilian scent used on “Mestre do Barro” (with a excellent brutal work on melodies that reminds us from earlier works from DISSECTION, and some percussion and Brazilian rhythms can be heard), the balance between fast and slow tempos heard on “Religions Cancer”, the brutal and bitter guitars and vocals on “Under Siege”, and the unexpected instrumental heard on “Echoes of the Insanity” (bass and acoustic guitars are great once more). And there a especial bonus on a second version for “Under Siege”, where M. Mictian share the vocals with Marcelo Pompeu, from Brazilian Thrash Metal band KORZUS.

Born perfect, destructive and with very good taste, “Angry Voices” will conquer you!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Scum of the World
2. Angry Voices
3. Affront
4. Conflicts
5. Terra Sem Males (Guerra Guaranítica)
6. Mestre Barro
7. Religions Cancer
8. Under Siege
9. Carved in Stone
10. WarTime Conspiracy
11. Echoes of the Insanity
12. Under Siege (Participação especial: Marcelo Pompeu)
M. Mictian – Bass, vocals
R. Rassan – Guitars
Jedy Najay – Drums
Record Label: Cianeto Discos


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