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AFI - December Underground (CD)

December Underground
by Michael Dalakos at 07 August 2006, 5:25 PM

An album that starts with a beat intro has no legal place in this magazine. I spent more time searching for my stainless steel shovel than typing down this obituary… eh, I mean review. AFI, which stands for A Fire Inside, is destined to become Panagiotis' new favorite band (he already liked H.I.M. and they equally suck) among Necrosatan and Necrowhore. Yeah, this one is for all you grind lovers…
AFI plays this so beloved by the Metal militia Punk/Rock that is so subversive to fit in the roster of a label that knows about good music… Universal (Orphy's hemorrhoids are tickling right now - warning him that I once again bad mouth a huge company, hehe). If you find watching the water boil a boring experience then wait till you listen to this harmless piece of crap.
Fill the word crap before every word that follows: music, lyrics, refrain, solos (what?), riffs, vocals. Yeah, you get the picture.
I will not spend another single kilobyte of our server for these clowns. For the name of what is good and worth fighting for in this world (Manowar & women) avoid this.
\[Note from Orpheus: rabbits are so EMO….]

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Intro/Prelude 12/21
Kill Caustic
Miss Murder
Summer Shudder
The Interview
Love Like Winter
The Missing Frame
Kiss And Control
The Killing Lights
Endlessly, She Said
Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37
Davey Havok - Vocals
Jade Puget - Guitar
Hunter - Bass
Adam Carson - Drums
Record Label: Universal Music


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