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After Lapse – Face The Storm

After Lapse
Face The Storm
by MetalWim at 06 February 2023, 1:38 PM

AFTER LAPSE is a Spanish band, hailing from Madrid, that was formed in 2018, and has been quite active since. At least, I suspect they have, because on December 9th 2022 they released their debut album “Face The Storm”. The fact that it was thrown into this world by the mighty Melodic Rock/Metal label Frontiers Music SRL means that they have something to offer. And of course the record company is right. Again.

From the very first seconds you start to wonder which way this will go, as the instrumental opener “Thrive” could head the AYREON direction, but could also be a WITHIN TEMPTATION adept. The answer comes when the next song, “Where No One Cares” sets off; it’s neither, but also both at the same time. It has the atmosphere of a lot of AYREON  songs, but also the gothic feel of NIGHTWISH and such. And before you ask, the quality of this song is above reproach. It’s bloody good!

The same goes for “Come Undone”, with one big addition, which are the musical and Melodic background and sounds of STRYPER. It only makes the music just that much more intense and interesting. So far, so good. The question now is if AFTER LAPSE is able to keep up this high standard and intensity throughout the rest of the album. well, no, unfortunately not. I feel that the band has given their best on those first three tracks, but the rest just can’t top or even emulate them. The exception to this rule is “Facta Non Verba”, what a classic! Then again, a lot of bands would be over the moon if they could reach the musical highlights that AFTER LAPSE can, as this still is quite good music. They just don’t reach the heights that their peers, which I mentioned in the second and third paragraph.

Unfortunately some of the songs area actually quite disappointing. Best examples are  the following two; ”Face The Storm”, which could and should have been a very exciting Power Ballad. The other disappointment is the acoustic ballad “Beyond the End”. They both are just too plain. The rest of the album you will find that AFTER LAPSE is swaying between the musical worlds mentioned. That on its own should have accounted for an outstanding Melodic metal record, but alas, now “Face The Storm” is just a good one. Conclusion: “Face The Storm” is quite the debut album by Spaniards AFTER LAPSE. If they have it in  them to improve on this, they should have a rather successful future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Thrive
2. Where No One Cares
3. Come Undone
4. Face The Storm
5. Beyond The End
6. The Lie
7. Through This War
8. More
9. Facta Non Verba
10. Heal
11. Along The Way
Rubén Miranda – Vocals
Jorge Escudero – Guitars
Pablo Sancha – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Javier Palacios – Bass
Roberto Cappa – Drums

Guest musicians:
Pedro J. Monge (VHÄLDEMAR) – guitar solos in “Where No One Cares”
Carlos Lozano (PERSEFONE) – guitar solo in “More”
Alicia Avilés Valero – cello in “Along The Way”
Record Label: Frontiers Music SRL


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