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After the Abduction – Cracked and Bled

After the Abduction
Cracked and Bled
by Cherie Wong at 21 April 2020, 10:25 PM

On March 27, 2020, AFTER THE ABDUCTION released their debut full-length album “Cracked and Bled.” AFTER THE ABDUCTION is a UK death metal band that formed in early 2015. Although this is their first full-length album, the band is no stranger to touring and playing their music to live audiences.

AFTER THE ABDUCTION’s style of death metal is energetic and heavy. The guitar riffs aren’t melodic or overly technical, but heavy enough to keep your interest. The pace changes at breakneck speed and multiple times on a single track. Tracks are short, none of the tracks are over five minutes and the album itself isn’t even half an hour long. The rapid changes within tracks and the short overall length help to keep the brutal album fresh and interesting.

No intro track here; “Blood” starts the album off heavy! This song is a blizzard of guitar squeals, chugs, and blast beats. The frequent tempo changes keep the track interesting. The second track “Flat Bastard” is much the same. Throughout the track, the frantic drumming is a constant, though changing in rhythm to match the guitars and bass riffs. “Stuck in Fat” shows some of the band’s slam influences. Heavy slowdowns make an appearance amid an overall chuggier track. Notable is the technical guitar solo followed by jangly guitar riffs.

The middle track is the titular “Cracked and Bled.” Repeated throughout the track in between blast beats and fast riffs are very intense, djent-y, slow chugs. Got to love the band for sticking to their UK spelling of “arse” in “Gagged in the Arse.” Otherwise, the song is just as brutal as the others. The speed and riffs change with little warning. “Lay and Decay” is barely a minute and a half, but it is brutally intense, pummeling this listener with blast beats and a wall of riffs. The closer “Mourning Rock” brings it home with the fast and slow riffs. The blistering intensity culminates in the dense outro.

Overall, I recommend this album for fans of death metal bands like DYING FETUS. The riffs aren’t incredibly unique, but there are brief moments where the band plays something interesting and shows musicianship. There is no doubt that their music is still brutal and energetic. For those reasons, I suggest you give this band a listen!

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Blood
2. Flat Bastard
3. Stuck in Fat
4. Cracked and Bled
5. Gagged in the Arse
6. Lay and Decay
7. Mourning Rock
Ben Lane – Guitar
Lewis Tyson – Guitar
Liam MacBeath – Drums
Joel Eastwood – Bass
Chris Sykes – Vocals
Record Label: UKEM Records


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