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After the Fall - Welcome to the New S.A.

After the Fall
Welcome to the New S.A.
by Kevin Lewis at 16 November 2020, 3:41 PM

AFTER THE FALL is a bluesy, Hard Rock band from Pennsylvania. Formed in 2003, they have been tearing up stages all over the US touring with bands like SEVENDUST, NONPOINT, and RATT. Welcome To The New S. A. is a six song EP that released on June 11, 2020 through RFL Records. Blending a killer mix of '90s Hard Rock and modern perspective, they bring an attitude to their music that attracts attention

Kicking off this EP is the tight little ditty, “Shut The World Out”. Right off the bat, the guitars draw you in. The bass and drums don’t just keep time, they expand the song by adding cool fills here and there. A quick roll here and a pattern shift there, and the song just feels bigger. The rhythm shifts are well timed and well executed. This is not a band that has to get onto a rhythm and stay there for the whole song. They can mix it up and sound good doing it.

“New S. A.” is a song for today. Speaking of current events and attitudes, they drive the point home that this is a different country today than it was just a few years ago. With lyrics like “Welcome to the nightmare/That they warned would come/Welcome to the end of days”, they let you know they aren’t necessarily all that happy with the way things are going. This is a cool take on the current situation and feels pretty relevant. And the music kicks ass, too.

“Devil Be Dammin Me Blues” is just that. A blues infused rocker with a killer guitar riff and cool rhythm. This is that song you need when you feel a little down on your luck and need a pick me up. Then, “Suicide March” brings in a heavier tone to start off and showcases the heavier side of their musical scale and even some darker tones in the lyrics.

Wrapping up the EP are “Hanging” and “The Fight”. “Hanging” gallops along at a cool pace, not sprinting, just grinding out a killer rhythm. The guitar solo in the middle is not an attempt to shred your face off, just a cool piece of music that fits the song well. “The Fight” on the other hand, is a ripper right from the start, before settling into a cool rhythm.

This is a solid offering. The music is well written and the lyrics are relevant to the current situation and the way people feel. Doug Carnahan at times really has a very Jeff Keith (TESLA) vibe to his vocal delivery. He has that raspy voice he uses quite a bit that just hits the spot. It’s not a growl or a grunt, it’s just rough vocals that add emphasis to what is being sung. He can also go totally clean, so he has a variance that he can use to add texture to the words.

Matt Ferrante and Steve Craven fill out the sound of this band in the rhythm section. Doug and Zac Shepard play well off each other. This a band of good musicians. They work well together and don’t step on each other in the mix. This record needed to see the band get on the road in support of it, but that was near impossible, especially in the “New S. A.” where concerts have ground to a halt. Let’s hope they come out of this with another tour in support of someone like a SEVENDUST again and can get their message out to the masses.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Shut The World Out
2. New S.A.
3. Devil Be Dammin Me Blues
4. Suicide March
5. Hanging
6. The Fight
Doug Carnahan – Vocals/Guitars
Matt Ferrante – Drums/Backing Vocals
Steve Craven – Bass/Backing Vocals
Zac Shepard - Guitars
Record Label: RFL Records


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