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Afterimage - Dying Gaul Award winner

Dying Gaul
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 November 2022, 1:09 PM

The puritans throughout the world still hold a disgusting position: to deny the valuable work of modern acts. Explaining things clearly: no one needs to love what SLIKNOT, SISTER OF A DOWN, KORN, LIMP BIZKIT, PAPA ROACH, STAIND, P.O.D. LINKIN PARK, COAL CHAMBER, EVANESCENCE, FAITH NO MORE, LIVING COLOUR, JANE’S ADDICTION or any other who gave contributions to Metal (that some can’t understand); but all must respect and recognize the value of their works, because if Metal is still alive, is because they came and renew the public. And, of course, gave birth to acts as AFTERIMAGE, as can be heard on “Dying Gaul”. If modern Metal trend are hard to swallow by many, imagine a band that mixes influences of Alternative Metal, New Metal, and elements of TOOL, DEFTONES, BLACK SABBATH, SYSTEM OF A DOWN and others.

It’s catchy, hypnotic, aggressive, full of that abrasive and greasy Groove of the modern tendencies, with some tribal beats (as can be heard on “Dying Gaul”), contrasting parts as heavy and brutal as Hell with introspective moments, always sounding melodic in a form that is hard to resist to. It’s obvious that fans of classic tendencies will have a hard time dealing with their work, but’s a full and tasteful banquet for the fans of modern genres for sure. “Dying Gaul” was recorded and mixed by Brandon Curcio, with mastering done by the hands of Mikey Allred. And their efforts were enough to give the quartet a defined and clean sonority, but enabling them to be rough and aggressive when things ask to be done in such direction. Yes, it’s very good, indeed.

The better ones for having a taste of what “Dying Gaul” is about: “Black Camel” (that contrasts introspective moments with melodic vocals in a ‘planting’ way with heavy and abrasive ambiences), “Mountain” (this one is filled with modern set of guitars, but always with excellent melodies), “Dying Gaul” (a song with many introspective parts filled with modern tribal percussions, showing that bass guitar and drums have a good technical work), “Thinning” (this one shows modern Alternative elements that could be compared with JANE’S ADDICTION in the past), “Rot” (a song plenty of technical tempos in a modern form, with bass guitar creating many groove parts, as the guitar are in a ‘sabbathic’ way), and the long and chaotic (due the modern tempo changes and contrasts), “Red Headless”.

On the band’s bio (I confess I took a look at it), a phrase stands saying that AFTERIMAGE could be the new generation AEROSMITH. And after listening to “Dying Gaul”, this idea can become true, because they’re bringing modern tendencies into a new and accessible melodic form.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Velos
2. Black Camel
3. Mountain
4. Dying Gaul
5. Eyes Wide Shut
6. Thinning
7. The Beggar
8. Rot
9. Maiden’s March
10. Red Headless
Griffin Romprey - Vocals
Brandon Curcio - Guitars
Casey Daron - Bass, Vocals
James Hagen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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