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Afterlife - Symphony Of Silence

Symphony Of Silence
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 02 December 2013, 11:04 PM

AFTERLIFE is female fronted Symphonic Metal / Progressive Metal band from Padua, Italy. The band’s formation dated back to 2009, serving as a cover band. The project AFTERLIFE gradually became a reality in September 2010 and a little afterwards the band recorded a demo. Lately AFTERLIFE released its debut album “Symphony of Silence”.

“Hymn To Love” delivers angelic keyboards’ setting with a beautiful melodic singing by Anna Giusto attributing to an EVANESCENCE style balladry bestowing heavy riffing that made it brilliant. “Heavy Lies” continues the EVANESCENCE ambiance with tender kind of singing only to erupt like a volcano with destructive riffery with Symphonic Metal amplification. The title track “Symphony Of Silence” opened with acoustic guitaring followed by dreamy violins in the background, coloring the scenery. Furthermore, an interesting duet seized my attention and its mixture with the music that became bombastic by its orchestral arrangement. “Circle Of Fire” shares the same orchestral values of the former, but slowly turning into a NIGHTWISH pounder. “We Are Our Own Evil” there is a feel of progression, an assorted rhythm section that was revealed as diverse, partaking the band’s solid symphonic aptitude and sheer power. “Starry Eyes” is an emphasis of the band’s wide vision, catering fine elements of progress and diversity, the drum and bass synergy is spectacular. “Mirror Lake” and “Our Season” indulge on the same multiplicity as the previous ones, showing tremendous skills, ending up as quite decent tunes. Worth to listen are the dynamic “The Time Beyond The Fog”, flickers of Hard Rock of “Winter Might Catch Me” and “One More Walk” with mesmeric keys following the vibe of WITHIN TEMPTATION mixed with modern heaviness of LACUNA COIL.

AFTERLIFE’s new album has power, energy and melodies. Their music bred a tuneful type of Progressive Symphonic Metal arousing with modern resonances and of course melodic flavors accredited for the creation of some fine ideas. I would reckon that nearly every song on “Symphony of Silence” is a bit of a surprise, nothing too obvious of expected. I have the feeling that fans of Symphonic Metal won’t be disappointed and would be keen to heed this one, a true potential within this group. 

3 Star Rating

1. Falling
2. We Are Our Own Evil
3. One More Walk
4. The Time Beyond The Fog
5. Starry Eyes
6. Hymn To Love
7. Symphony Of Silence
8. Our Season
9. Mirror Lake
10. Heavy Lies
11. Circle Of Fire
12. Winter Might Catch Me
Anna Giusto - Vocals
Stefano Tiso - Keyboards / Piano
Eddy Talpo - Rhythm / Lead Guitars
Nicolas Menarbin - Bass
Antonio Gobbato - Drums / Percussions
Record Label: Revalve Records


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