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Afterlife Symphony - Moments Between Lives

Afterlife Symphony
Moments Between Lives
by Gabriel Zimmerman at 29 January 2017, 11:03 AM

Italy, in regards to Metal, is probably currently best known for its blooming Symphonic Metal scene, with bands such as LACUNA COIL and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE among many others being prime examples of blending classical elements with many other subgenres of metal (Symphonic Black, Symphonic Death, regular Symphonic Metal, the list goes on). Today I present AFTERLIFE SYMPHONY, a Symphonic Metal band hailing from Padua, Italy. Following up 2013’s “Symphony of Silence” is “Moment Between Lives.” I must admit though, it might just be me but this album doesn’t really do it. It has some good drum beats and some rather melodic symphonic parts, it features some decent guitar riffs, and Anna Giusto’s vocals are pretty good, but the album as a whole doesn’t stand out. It never really manages to make a deep impression, and I feel bad for admitting but it feels like a weak attempt at a grandiose album that’s most memorable parts were the symphonic parts that had some admirable trumpets, strings, and also on. Yet instead of these parts blending with the metal elements to create a grand piece it felt more like the symphonic elements covered for the metal elements. This of course could just be me, but I could never find something in the album that stuck out and made it truly memorable.

To start, the first three songs are honestly rather forgettable. Nothing memorable, just some decent Symphonic elements with rather bland Metal elements that lack originality and don’t stand out. The first song that stands out a bit is “My Existence to You”, largely for a pretty decent guitar solo at the end as well as the opening and closing symphonics. I feel bad because I feel like I am being harsh, but the solo only sounded decent and wasn’t technically impressive. What stood out most were the trumpets most apparent at the beginning and the end. If it wasn’t for these two factors the song would be as forgettable as the first three. After this comes “Broken Breath”, which is in a similar position. It has a decent chorus with good symphonic elements, and the closing is the same way with a decent closing guitar riff, but beyond these it isn’t memorable. However, by comparison “Dreamer’s Paradox” wasn’t bad and did better set itself apart from the other songs on the album. Decent technical work, good melodic symphonic elements, overall not bad. There is one part that is well done in mixing the metal and symphonic elements, but it is short lived sadly.

When it reaches “Seventh” though, it is kind of in a similar boat again where it has a good melodic opening verse and some very good symphonic elements, but most everything else really doesn’t leave an impression. There just isn’t much to say because everything is so easily forgettable.  Ironically, though, “Last Hope” is probably the most memorable song on the album and is also the least metal. It is very melodic, it contains a very fitting acoustic part, and the symphonic aspects combined with some very subtle choir sound makes the song come together well. As mentioned though, it isn’t even Metal. I did thoroughly enjoy the song though as it was well made, and it was very tranquil. It sets itself apart more than any other song on the album for me easily. Finally though, the album closes with “Genesis of Eternity”. This song does have some good and memorable technical work, as well as it blends the more technical aspects with some great symphonic/melodic aspects present at both the beginning and end, and the quiet melodic guitar closing at the end is probably my favorite part as it is well done and feels fitting. Again though, while more memorable it really doesn’t feel very unique.

I’ll say it again, I feel as if I am being harsh. However, no matter how much I listened to the album I never once felt like it was unique or memorable enough, and while the symphonic elements were enjoyable they always felt like they covered for the metal elements. Perhaps AFTERLIFE SYMPHONY can only go up from here, perhaps a change in style could help, and perhaps there are many things that could improve the band as a whole. Regardless, in good nature I cannot speak very highly of this album and can’t even comment that they have an original style that needs work. Taking a different approach would greatly help the band I feel, but we can only see what they do from here.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 7

2 Star Rating

1. Half-Moon Night
2. The Abyss
3. Under the Sleeping Tree
4. My Existence to You
5. Broken Breath
6. Dreamer’s Paradox
7. Seventh
8. Last Hope
9. Novembre Pt. 1
10. Novembre Pt. 2
11. Genesis of Eternity
Anna Giusto - Vocals
Eddy Talpo - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Stefano Tiso - Keyboard, Piano
Nicolas Menarbin - Bass
Antonio Gobbato - Drums, Percussions
Record Label: Revalve Records


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