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Aftershock - Resist

by Kevin Lewis at 24 August 2020, 6:49 PM

AFTERSHOCK is a new band formed in 2019 and hailing from the Wembley area of London. This is an eclectic mix of musicians who blend a variety of styles to create a sound that is familiar and somewhat unique at the same time. Their debut EP, “Resist”, was released through Make Metal Groove Again Records on July 10, 2020, and is available through Bandcamp. With a combination of Metal, Blues Rock and even a touch of Nu-Metal, they make their own niche.

Starting with “Babayaga”, this record comes to life with a short bass intro that leads to a groove rhythm with some interesting funk undertones. The song kicks into a straight forward rocker for the chorus before going back to the groove. “Strings” keeps the groovy/funky style running along and sees the band get more comfortable with this feel. With some good interplay between the two guitarists, it is fairly obvious the guys take their instruments seriously. They also showcase their ability to honor the influences of the dual guitar bands who went before them.

“Freedom” is more of a metal song with less of the blues rock influence, though it is still present. The guys still feel comfortable, though. With timely drum fills and a bass line that really accentuates the flow of the song, this is a good melding of the record to this point. Then we get “Let It Flow”, a tune that starts with an acoustic intro before turning on the power. With talk of overcoming the troubles you have and achieving glory, this is good song to crank up when you need a little inspiration.

The last two songs on the record, “Fly” and “Resist”, are each an example of the groove and the metal sounds. With the now signature flow of heavy blues weaving through a field of groove, the bottom end stays consistently accurate and present, not hiding under the guitars. Flying along at a good clip, these songs let the listener know the influences the band have. And those influences are, as stated above, varied and pretty fun to hear blended together. There are so few pure “one genre” bands these days, but these guys prove that is perfectly okay.

With raspy vocals, not pure clean or venturing into growls, this band could be an 80s powerhouse, but instead is brand new. The two headed guitar attack is much the same. You can hear the iconic duos (KK and Glenn, Dave and Adrian) in the way the songs are structured. Both the bass and drums evoke the old and herald the new. This is a good first effort from a new band with potential. Given a little more time and experience, they could be a force to be reckoned with down the road.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Babayaga
2. Strings
3. Freedom
4. Let It Flow
5. Fly
6. Resist
Mordigan Ritter – Vocals
James O’Connor – Electric/Acoustic Guitar/Synthesizer/Backing Vocals
Manuel Ramos Paton – Electric Guitar/Djembe/Backing Vocals
Sam Farnon – Bass/Backing Vocals
Lewis Henderson – Drum
Record Label: Make Metal Groove Again


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