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Against the Plagues - Purified Through Devastation

Against the Plagues
Purified Through Devastation
by Tony Playter at 17 January 2016, 12:22 PM

AGAINST’S THE PLAGUES’ second outing with an LP, and their first with Non Servian Records, lives up to the art work of the album (see image) with fantastic clarity afforded by the productions skills of Dan Swano. “Man's Modern World” provides a sonic template for the rest of the album with a diverse range of heavy vocals over extreme riffage to create a headbanger’s dream with a bridge section of subdued parts leading back neck damaging speeds. Varyen Chylinski’s drumming on “All Flesh Had Corrupted” is a technical marvel, and along with the interesting textures developed by the melodies showcases the band’s ability to be nuanced. “Praetorian Icon” provides more of the same, but with the first real shredding leads to be heard on the album, with a creeping bridge leading to what I’d expect the inner thoughts of a self-destructive crazy man would sound like. “Theokratia” musically is less extreme than the first tracks on the album, with a sleek progressive structure for this anti-religious sermon to cling to. Definitely one of the more interesting tracks on the album.

It’s worth noting at this point the band locks together exceptionally well without sounding robotic or lifeless. However “Terrorform” takes this to whole new levels of crazy, as a warning do not headbang to this… well you can if you want, but goodbye vertebras.  Feeding back into lyrical themes of destruction, “Extermination Event” paints the mental image of the world that gave rise to the cover art before the instrumental “Falling Further” plunges you into a state of abyss. It’s a calmly surreal experience and the most profound on the album because it actually makes you feel lonely.

The penultimate track “Enblightened” offers more of the same extreme metal goodness, leading to the closing track “Enemy Herein.” A very ornate track exhibiting progressive tendencies without losing any of the aggression which has been driving the album for the majority of it’s playing time. A solid listen for people who like their extreme metal without overreaching sub-genre definitions.

4 Star Rating

1. Man's Modern World
2. All Flesh Had Corrupted
3. Praetorian Icon
4. Theokratia
5. Terrorform
6. Extermination Event
7. Falling Further
8. Enblightened
9. Enemy Herein
Varyen Chylinski - Drums
Milo Kovačević - Bass
Shaun Albro - Vocals
Aaron Covarrubias - Guitars
Jon Corston - Guitars
Record Label: Non Serviam Records


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