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Agathodaimon - In Darkness Award winner

In Darkness
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 04 July 2013, 11:04 AM

AGATHODAIMON is band from Mainz, Germany, formed back in 1995 by Sathonys (Guitar) and Matthias Rodig (Drums) and have been spreading melodic Black / Death / Dark Metal. Throughout their vast career the band has released six albums: “Blacken The Angel” in 1998, ”Higher Art Of Rebellion” in 1999, ”Chapter III” in 2001, ”Serpent’s Embrace” in 2004, ”Phoenix” in 2009 and new album ”In Darkness” just released by Massacre Records.

“Favourite Sin” turned out to be my favorite of them all, a fine unison of the graceful features of an impressive clean vocals, symphonic ranged balladry, up until the buildup towards extremity in the vein of DIMMU BORGIR, armed with a screaming vocalist & low tuned guitars with following late SAMAEL merits. “Dusk Of An Infinite Shade (Amurg)” is an energetic track pacing forward, demonstrating blackened Metal with vocals almost demonic in nature. I was also enticed by the addition of keyboards and rhythm guitaring. “Adio” has two versions, one being acoustic. The original mix is a mere melodic Death Metal in orientation (IN FLAMES or CHILDREN OF BODOM). The grand blend of growl and clean vocals is divine and along the rapid drumming and symphonic overhead, this is a practical insanity. This second version, mainly acoustic, displayed as a ballad with perfect singing, totally amazing. “In Darkness (We Shall Be Reborn)” touching base, is full of strong riffs under the veil of the high pitched growls, Black Metal driven, yet also combining Doom features on several points following SATURNUS. “Somewhere, Somewhere” asserted with intro of church bells, showing how Death Metal can mix well with Doom, not that it needs any introduction, yet it is quite melodic for this kind of merger.

Others worth your time and listening effort: “I’ve Risen”, where fierce guitar riffs are sundry with symphonic elements, earsplitting melodic riffs, Doom meets Black Metal along with a sheer composure of CRADLE OF FILTH with SATURNUS and the dark “Höllenfahrt Der Selbsterkenntnis”, diversity in extreme Metal in its great hour.

”In Darkness” is highly recommended for every Metalhead who desires to listen to melodic implementations of extreme Metal, on its genres. The sound engineering is of best quality along with the band’s musicianship. Don’t hesitate when deciding to grab this one. 

4 Star Rating

1. In Darkness (We Shall Be Reborn)
2. I’ve Risen
3. Favourite Sin
4. Oceans Of Black
5. Adio
6. Somewhere, Somewhere
7. Dusk Of An Infinite Shade (Amurg)
8. Höllenfahrt der Selbsterkenntnis
9. Adio - Acoustic Version
Ash - Vocals
Sathonys - Guitars, Clean Vocals
Thilo Feucht - Guitars
Till Ottinger - Bass
Manuel Steitz - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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