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Agathodaimon - Phoenix (CD)

by Harry Papadopoulos at 12 April 2009, 12:21 AM

Being a band and in the music industry for about 13 years is quite a long time. This thing is - by itself - saying something. I don't think that a band that is bad could do something like that. AGATHODAIMON is still here and they have ready their fifth album, Phoenix.

The title of the album is probably not accidental. The band has a brand new lineup and only Sathonys is the only remaining member from the beginning. So I believe that the title is talking about their new beginning, since their previous album Serpent's Embrace was released back in 2004. Through the years the band changed its sound from Black Metal to more melodic forms and finally to a  hybrid of Gothic and Metal.

In this album someone may listen to more heavy and thrashy riffs - that reminds of, let's say, the between 92-97 MEGADETH's era - the goth melodies and the symphonic Metal sections. The growls of Ashtrael and his performance in general keeps the Black Metal touch in the album, reminding of bands like DIMMU BORGIR. Even though they mix several things, you cannot say that they do it in a way that looks like a Greek salad and that may make you feel bored. The melodic parts bind nicely with the more up tempo and more brutal ones. The melodies are catchy and after listening to the album for a couple of times they stick in your head. The only thing that I did not like was some of the more goth parts since, in my humble opinion, these sound indifferently since they bring to mind things we already listened to billions of times.  Best moments of the album: Heliopolis, Throughout The Fields Of Unshaded Grace, Decline, Winterchild.

Not one of the albums of the year, but it's definitely a good try from AGATHODAIMON. If they do something with the Gothic parts and work a bit with the electronic parts (they reminded me of DEATHSATRS) they could do even better. Fans of dark, Gothic symphonic Black Metal (I hate labels don't you?) will find this album interesting. Oh, and I really like the blue color they have in every cover.

P.S.: Kudos to Massacre Records because they did put voice overs but they did it in the parts of the songs that I didn't miss much.

3 Star Rating

Devil's Deal
Ground Zero
Ghost of a Soul
Time Is the Fire
To Our Ashes
Amongst the Vultures
Oncoming Storm
Throughout the Fields of Unshaded Grace
Grey Whispe
Alone In The Dark (Death Angel) \[limited edition]
Alone In The Dark (Soundtrack Version) \[limited edition]
Ashtrael - Vocals
Sathonys - Guitars, Clean Vocals
Jan Jansohn - Guitars
Felix Walzer - Keys
Till Ottinger - Bass
Manuel Steitz - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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