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Age Of Artemis - Overcoming Limits

Age Of Artemis
Overcoming Limits
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 18 January 2013, 1:18 AM

I think that now I know why my esteemed peer and colleague here on Metal Temple, YngwieViking, has been so enthusiastic about Brazilian Heavy / Power Metal bands. Without a doubt there have been several bands that displayed high quality offerings that some of them would put a few big time European releases to shame. This time I came to discover the Power Metal outfit of AGE OF ARTEMIS, thanks to the great promotional platform of Power Prog Records. After seem to be receiving quite a recognition and awareness from their native scene, while also releasing their debut, “Overcoming Limits”, just last year via one of their local labels, MS Metal Records, it was time to let Europe, and probably the rest of the world to get to know these guys better by issuing this debut album via a European label. As this eagle spread its wings, beginning its long journey to from the lands of the darkened cold to the humid wildernesses, only the skies seemed to be the limit from rising up higher than the clouds. But as the title suggests, it is about overcoming the limits, meaning to put more effort of finding one’s true self. I assumed that AGE OF ARTEMIS, as every band worldwide that respects its own wishes, anticipated to take off right from the get go. With “Overcoming Limits” they truly did.

I would say that I found something that resembles two different identities of AGE OF ARTEMIS within “Overcoming Limits”. From the left there is the kindred spirit that has been influenced by the mighty leaders of the classic old school version of Euro Power Metal, mainly late 80s and 90s, HELLOWEEN, STRATOVARIOUS and GAMMA RAY, with the various of great settings of straightforward, speedy and unrelenting Metal music filled with amalgamated melodic lines (sometimes a bit cheery than usual), swift drumming, victorious choruses. Without a doubt delivered with great finesse, just tasteful while keeping the flame burning. I distinctly liked “Mystery”, “Echoes Within”, and the finishing blow of “Till The End”. Though also overmastering with articulate additions and petit ruddiness, conveying the old spirit of the genre with such elegance is amazing. I liked the band’s catchiness, not too cheesy, though they didn’t quite succeed with “Break Up The Chains” that seemed banal right from the start, AGE OF ARTEMIS didn’t tire me from the Euro affliction.

From the right, AGE OF ARTEMIS proved that they can be something more than the common Power Metal act while endeavoring to complicate things up, add more dimensions and versatility to their craft, sending the listener wondering a bit about what her or she just heard. Above and beyond the richness of early Power Metal, blackness and a manner of obscurity came down looming on the band’s material, creating suspense, surplus heaviness. Surely one of the greatest creations on this release, if not the foremost one, is the epos of “God, Kings and Fools”, as if written as a saga untied under the same formulation, reminded me a bit of one of the later songs of ARRAYAN PATH, exclusively due to the profound vocal line, in the range pattern of Tony Martin, and the song’s complex structure. This epos harbors a series of impressive riffs, structures as semi theatrical scenery, filled with melodic appetizers and sweet harmonies. I have to admit that though I was impressed from the entire track, the inner change of events within the track right in its middle delivered the drama and anticipation just right. I would also add several other examples, nearly equally good such as “You'll See” and “One Last Cry” that shaped up pretty well as reminiscent of some of the greatest Progressive Power bands such as SYMPHONY X and even KAMELOT.

I was more than glad to stumble on this release. It showed me two worlds in this type of Metal genre. Advancement and progression aren’t band words coming from such bands of the same caliber. If hewed right, these expressions can be a cause for celebration and captivation. In short, a great release, nearly hit all the spots to penetrate my shields, has its way with the 80s signatures but also knew where to put the stop sign and show a different kind of art.

4 Star Rating

1. What Lies Behind…
2. Echoes Within
3. Mystery
4. Take Me Home
5. Truth in Your Eyes
6. Break Up the Chains
7. One Last Cry
8. You'll See
9. God, Kings and Fools
10. Till the End 
Alírio Netto- Vocals
Nathan Grego- Guitars
Gabriel "T-Bone" Soto– Guitars
Giovanni Sena- Bass
Pedro Senna- Drums
Record Label: Power Prog Records


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