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Aghast! - Something Else, Something Rotten

Something Else, Something Rotten
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 31 January 2017, 8:42 AM

Welcome to a two-parter. That’s right, two. It’s all in one review but the two parts of this album are VERY different. Guess I’m being a bit vague, this is AGHAST! and their new album “Something Else, Something Rotten” which, as stated before is essentially two separate entities. So the first part of this album is the first three songs, very solid style with all sorts of influences including some older Deathcore and Death Metal sounds. “Something Else” is a bit of a stand out song, of the first three it’s easily the strongest with older SUICIDE SILENCE sounds and even after a very, VERY short clean section, a very CANNIBAL CORPSE infused portion. The other two songs in the first three are solid as well, but this song stands out the most.

The second part of this album deserves props for trying something that elitists lash out against. While I can’t stand these myself, the band put their necks out on the line to do this. Vague messages are vague, but what I’m getting at are remixes. There’s five remixes attached to the back end of this album that mixes Death Metal with Electronic, not my style, I won’t be coming back to listen to any of them BUT I respect the band for trying!

Pros of the album, AGHAST! wrote some solid songs, as a Death Metal fan, you should pick it up as an EP, 3 solid songs well worth your money. If you’re an Electronic fan as well, perfect, means you’ll probably dig the entire album. Lastly, it’s great for parties, as much as you and I both want to turn on NAPALM DEATH and headband before fuck the stuff that gets played on the radio these days, but you can’t without getting kicked out, so compromise and play the remixes, they still have growls and all that in them it’s just mostly electronic. Cons of the album, not really any. Its solid, it sells itself, I’m just here to tell you the information so you know to go get it yourself!

Production 8/10
Creativity 9/10
Memorability 7/10
Songwriting 7/10

4 Star Rating

1. King Bitch
2. Something Else
3. Laid Out In Red
4. King Bitch (Rix Cena Remix)
5. King Bitch (Invertex Remix)
6. Something Else (Misfit Massacre Remix)
7. Laid Out In Red (Babylon P & TGR Remix)
8. Laid Out In Red (Temulent Remix)
James – Vocals
Sam – Guitars
Daniel – Bass
Nick - Drums
Record Label: Abducted Records


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