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Agnostic Front - Another Voice (CD)

Agnostic Front
Another Voice
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 November 2004, 8:20 PM

Holy shitfuck… Agnostic Front still in? How things change… Agnostic Front in Nuclear Blast? Wow… I remember when diving (back in the mid 80s) in the Thrash pool, many bands from the then so-called Crossover genre to be seen with sympathy for their interesting mixture of Metal elements (speed, riff work) with basic Punk principles (vocals, tracks length, lyrics). Now, 20 years later, what the hell's this band up to? I'm really curious…
Flowing data confirms: NYHC (New York Hard Core) legends released their first album in 1983 - United Blood - delivering since then remarkable music for the fans of this specific genre. Disbanding in mid 90s, the Front reformed in 1997 signing to Epitaph Records and producing three Punk/Metal efforts surely worth listening to. Now, in a Metal label and with an album title similar to their 1992 most thrashy LP (One Voice), the band adds for the first time a second guitarist (Matt Henderson, ex-Madball) and… let's see what the contemporaries (not strictly musically) of S.O.D., Cro Mags, Carnivore, Suicidal Tendencies want to speak about…
Well, without buring the hardcore feeling, Another Voice seems to have the ability to win more fans from the New Thrash scene than from the traditional HC genre. Frontman Rofer Miret remains an undoubtly skilled HC vocalist, but the guitar work refers more to a typical 00s Thrash duo, more than in any other band's effort in the past. Metal ideas seem to overflow in the guitarists' minds, while an excellent rhythm section supports greatly the band's decision to depict the streetwise feeling in terms of steady performance in decent behavior. The production is as expected: Ass heavy and fresh (modern, some might say…) but definitely good!
For the fans of Hatebreed and Co., Agnostic Front is the ideal band to get in touch with, if someone hasn't yet digged in the band's rich past. Agnostic Front have nothing to prove, yet they seem eager to shout out loud that the same ol' shit can come along in a better way, with better support. I'm no HC fan, yet I strongly recommend this CD to the HC fans.

3 Star Rating

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Another Voice
Roger Miret - Vocals
Vinnie Stigma - Guitar
Matt Henderson - Guitar
Mike Gallo - Bass
Steve Gallo - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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