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Agresiva - Eternal Foe

Eternal Foe
by Ehsan "FlowerHead" Bitarafan at 01 October 2012, 3:46 PM

AGRESIVA is a Spanish Metal band formed in 2008, they released their first full length debut called "Eternal Foe" in 2012 which was recorded and edited at Traste Cero Studio, mixed and mastered at Sonolab Studio and produced by the band itself. The artwork was developed by the artist Marcos Cabrera, who worked before with numerous Spanish Metal bands.

It seems as if the band has been influenced by bands like ANTHRAX or MEGADETH. The atmosphere of their songs is not that horrible with aggressive themes like some other Thrash Metal bands. According to AGRESIVA their direction is modern Thrash. There are basic differences with old school Thrash Metal and its modern counterpart. The band's frontman, Samuel Jose,still have a bit of the Spanish accent in his singing but he delivered it fast while fitting the fast guitar rhythm, which caught my attention with the mid tempo rhythms. The background drums are really fast with machine gun pounding double kicks, believe me that this guy Chus Maestro uses pedals more than any drummer out there, but there are a lot of drummers. Nearly on every song the drumming felts like heavy rain which sounded very good and powerful, I liked that. The guitar solos are not that much still sound hot.

Personally I think that the tracklist got better and better thus the last four tracks are really better than the previous ones. "Eternal Foe","Sent It To War" and "If" presented some top notch lyrics without being too aggressive or offending. I must add that AGRESIVA have some Japanese culture influences both in lyrics and album cover which is Samurai inspired artwork. However, I think that the weakness of this album is vocals, aside from the weak tracks until the last four.  If Samuel Jose would have used additional high ends following a more mid-range singing with alterations, it would have been much better. Jose chants so smooth, track by track he tries to be more powerful and that is his stronger point.

2 Star Rating

1. Nocturnia
2. Pale Horse (Red D'eath)
3. Hell Town
4. The Glorious Revolution
5. The End of the Game
6. Eternal Foe
7. Sent to War
8. If
9. Betrayed
10. Hell Town (Spanish Version) 
Daniel Villasenor – Bass / Backing Vocals
Miguel Coello – Lead / Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals
Samuel Jose – Lead Vocals
Chus Maestro – Drums / Backing Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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