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Airborn - Lizard Secrets - Part Two - Age of Wonder Award winner

Lizard Secrets - Part Two - Age of Wonder
by Kevin Lewis at 01 February 2021, 7:41 PM

AIRBORN is an Italian Power Metal band formed in 1995. "Lizard Secrets -Part Two – Age Of Wonder" is their sixth full-length album and is the second part of a proposed trilogy. In typical power metal fashion, there are layers of guitars and keyboards over hard-driving rhythms and epic lyrical themes. Much like HELLOWEEN and their multi-album "Keeper Of The Seven Keys" trilogy, this is a killer story with music to match. This installment of "Lizard Secrets" was released on December 10, 2020 through Fighter Records.

From the beginning of this record, the music is the driving force and the lyrics are carried along of a cloud of sonic bliss. “Soultraveler” has the signature drum beat of Pwer Metal, lots of double bass with intricate patterns and tempo changes. The bass guitar lays low for much of this song, layering in a low end that just propels the song forward. Guitar solos and cool little fills all over just really round out the sound.

Golden Rule” begins with some cool guitar work before settling in to a really good rhythm. Likewise, “Follow The Leader” has a nice intro, but has a much harder feel to the song base. The song talks about not being able to think for yourself, indicating the new leaders are likely either a superior intelligence or just want you to think this. The album hints at a takeover of the world by an alien race. This is the part where the alien group begins telling you what and how to think to control the narrative.

A little further down, we get the epic “Condemned To Believe,” a song that starts with some moody keyboards setting the mood. This is the part that implies you must believe or else. Failure to conform is likely viewed as resistance and met with harsh punishments. The new race tries to make you believe everything is better under them. All of this is one with a more melodic tempo and tone. Restrained power, used judiciously, to showcase the potential for being overwhelmed if the rules are not followed.

The album wraps with an 11-minute monster of a tune, “Star A Star”. No Power Metal concept album is complete without the epic closer that wraps the story up and brings us to the logical conclusion of this part of the tale. Filled with tempo shifts and some awesome progressive metal elements, “Star A Star” is a really good finish to the record.

AIRBORN are ambitious and driven. There are a lot of so-so concept albums out there. There are not many bands that will try to tie two concept albums together. Even fewer will attempt a trilogy. QUEENSRYCHE and KING DIAMOND both did second parts to their brilliant stories ("Operation: Mindcrime" and "Abigail" respectively), but took over a decade between the efforts. HELLOWEEN did "Keeper Parts 1 and 2" back-to-back, but then waited over a decade to release Keeper – Legacy, showing just how difficult this will be.

AIRBORN sounds like they have the plan and the ability to execute getting all three parts out consecutively. I will be going back and checking out "Lizard Secrets Part 1" and eagerly awaiting Part 3. The story is engaging, the music is entertaining. I do believe they will be able to make this happen and do it well. Congratulations on a successful Part 2!!

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Soultraveller
2. Edge Of Disaster
3. Golden Rules
4. Follow The Leader
5. Speed Of Life
6. Condemned To Believe
7. Age Of Wonder
8. Troubles
9. Scarecrow Days
10. Star A Star
Alessio Perardi – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard
Domenico Buratti – Bass
Roberto Gaia – Drums
Roberto Capucchio – Guitar
Record Label: Fighter Records


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