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Airbound - Airbound

by Dana Lautzenheiser at 24 December 2017, 6:17 PM

“Airbound”, the debut album from Italian melodic rock band, AIRBOUND, was released on September 15, 2017. The band’s sound is influenced by Survivor, Bon Jovi, and Journey to name a few, with an 80’s power rock feel. Airbound has put out a well produced melodic, adult contemporary rock sound with their self titled debut. Defining features of Airbound’s sound include powerful, emotionally charged vocals, atmospheric synthesizer, crisp, bright guitar solos, and sleek production.

“Have a Good Time” kick starts AIRBOUND's debut with an upbeat, vintage sound slightly reminiscent of a BON JOVI song. “The Sun Tomorrow” is a bright note on the album. It pops from the beginning with interesting guitar harmonies sure to catch the ear of the listener and bringing a strong, memorable chorus. “Til the End” starts on a serious, somber note with a simple, but interesting intro. The song shows us a different facet of AIRBOUND. The song is an emotionally charged storm with an interesting guitar riff going on during the refrain. “You Live You Learn” has a cool, funky bass line to it. The chorus is poppy and backed by a piano melody. “Don’t Fade Away” has a melodic guitar solo which hints that AIRBOUND may have the capacity to bring a darker, heavier tone out; perhaps on the next album.

“Zhaneta” is ornamented by a very 80’s synthesizer sound. This is the love ballad of the album. The guitar solo is impressive, and I think for me made the song. I enjoyed the way the notes just slid up and around the fretboard with a smooth, clean, tone. “Runaway” brings a hair band vibe; with a slightly darker sound than the other tracks.  “Wasted World” is a slower song heavy on the synthesizer. “She’s a Girl” is reminiscent of an 80’s pop song with it’s catchy sing-songy refrain. “Seven Seas” rounds out the album with a slower rock song. Fans of 80’s pop rock and lighter rock should give this album a listen. “Airbound” delivers some sing-a-long refrains, and memorable melodies.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1.Have a Good Time
2.The Sun Tomorrow
3.Til the End
4.You Live You Learn
5.Don’t Fade Away
8.Wasted World
9.She’s a Girl
10.Seven Seas

Tomás Borgogna- Lead Vocals
Lorenzo Foddai- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Angelo Sasso- Bass, Backing Vocals
Alessandro Broggi- Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Riccardo Zappa-Drums, Percussion 
Record Label: Independent


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