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Airbourne - Runnin' Wild (CD)

Runnin' Wild
by Grigoris Chronis at 08 January 2008, 10:51 AM

AIRBOURNE, like 'Melbourne'…There's been lots o' talks 'bout this release, in prior. Runnin' Wild hits the stores in late January 2008 and this band is not something you'll select for diversity and tension to explore/experiment. Runnin' Wild itself clarifies the above remark. The band's logo reminded me of METALLICA's 'classic' one, but the music goes way back on time, naturally to the…
…AC/DC and KROKUS deeds, I'd dare to say. Also take some of 70s KISS' raw energy, the grooves of fellow Aussie legends ROSE TATTOO and a portion of mid-80's QUIET RIOT (or imagine a heavy version of 70s rockin' glamsters SLADE). AIRBOURNE does not flirt with Glam or Sleaze sounds at all. They actually dive into the deep waters of straightforward old-school boogie Hard Rock, with some 'metallic' playing in general. Relentless a band like AIRBOURNE may be sound-wise, the comparisons to AC/DC is the first thing to come in mind. Hey, there are two brothers here as well!
Quite simple is it:
- Stand Up For Rock'N'Roll already is a live fave. Starts off rather unsuitably (for what's to follow) but then kicks serious 'driving' hard rockin' ass.
- Runnin' Wild is like the good ol' wine. TNT on your car stereo!
- Too Much Too Young Too Fast will blow you away. Grab a bottle of beer fast as a shark!
- Diamond In The Rough will accompany you while shaking your head in a local Rock pub. Probably the album's top cut!
- Fat City will make you wonder if it's year 1983 now. I hope Marc Storace (KROKUS) will come across this band!
- Blackjack or - to put you in the picture - Riff Raff? Ha ha, a 2:42 commercial dynamite!!!
- What's Eatin You slows things up. No ballad, just a more groovy song.
- Girls In Black starts off like a hurricane and the streets are on fire. An unbelievable typhoon…
- Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women rocks off; the less 'heavy' tune off the whole album, but rather vivid. And what a 'screaming' chorus!
- Heartbreaker applies to what's written for Diamond In The Rough.
- Let's Ride wraps it up the best possible way. Rock 'n' Roll!!!
I was wondering: are the guys in AIRBOURNE playing this kinda music from the depths of their hearts? On one hand, who knows? On the other hand, who cares? On the third(?!?!) one, who should/would judge? As long as there are bands like them and tracks like Diamond In The Rough, Too Much Too Young Too Fast, Fat City and the Stand Up For Rock'N'Roll opening dynamite, I rest my case. Blowing free, free as the wind, having blistering old-school solo…phewww…turn up to ten and enjoy an album by a band breathing not more than 3-4 years of life. There's energy in here, you've been warned! I don't care if they initially signed to Capitol Records or why this album is finally released via Roadrunner Records (a beloved label 15 years ago…), it just makes sense the band's already opened up for ROLLING STONES, MOTLEY CRUE and MOTORHEAD/ROSE TATTOO gigs down there. Need more? Well, just a faster car, I guess…
P.S. 1: The album's already been released in their home country, through EMI Australia.
P.S. 2: Check YouTube for the Runnin' Wild, Too Much Too Young Too Fast and Diamond In The Rough videos!

4 Star Rating

Stand Up For Rock'N'Roll
Runnin' Wild
Too Much Too Young Too Fast
Diamond In The Rough
Fat City
What's Eatin You
Girls In Black
Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women
Let's Ride
Joel O' Keeffe - Vocals & Lead Guitar
David Roads - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Justin Street - Bass And Backing Vocals
Ryan O' Keeffe - Drums
Record Label: Roadrunner Records


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