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Airged Lamh - The Silver Arm (CD)

Airged Lamh
The Silver Arm
by Grigoris Chronis at 13 October 2004, 11:18 PM

Airged L'amh: The name comes from the old-Irish tradition and can be translated into Hand Of Steel.
Airged L'amh: Maybe Greece's premier Power/Epic Metal band these days. Is is TOO extreme to feel THAT proud for a band from your own country, when you believe they can climb SO high in the global Metal scene? Maybe digging a little bit into the band's past can make you foresee where things can turn up to if you're a real hard-working, steel-inspired metalhead. The band's newly released anthem, The Silver Arm will convince you so, after - of course - you have collected your scattered head's pieces from the ground. Bow to your knees…
Originating from Athens, Greece, Airged L'amh was early known amongst cult Metal circles as Ragnarok (back in 1987). After various lineup changes and the prementioned band's name modification, the first official 5-track demo A the Vertigo Edda Arised as well as the debut official CD/LP One Eyed God (2002) - featuring the demo's five tracks plus two new recordings - demonstrated what the hell this bunch of steel warriors is capable of. NWOBHM spirited yet Epic Metal-orientated, Airged L'amh's music surely also demonstrates skillfully interspersed classical and medieval themes, folk-wise sometimes, but with greatly warlike chords, endless pounding rhythms and a general concept of raw, primitive will to attack! This brings us to year 2004…
If One Eyed God was a small taste of what was to follow, The Silver Arm clearly presents a band full of anger, barbaric sensations and untreated air in producing epic anthems with top-notched double-crossed guitar fights, passionate vocals and a rhythm section really in-your-face, stiff as hell and onward coming to your ears. From the opening storm of Guardian Of The Ancient Deeds to the sentimental dominance of Dissention Seeds and then to the burst of Armies Assemble, I - at least - was on-speed for nearly one hour, applausing the band's clear aim to deliver an overall Heavy kind of Metal, miles away from pleased melodies, foretellable riff work and/or plain orchestrations.
A clearly seen result of endless music work - anthemed by a unique concept story based on an ancient Celtic legend with the tribe of Tuatha de Dannan and the silver arm of king Nuada - surely places Airged L'amh among top Epic Metal legends such as Manilla Road, Brocas Helm or The Lord Weird Slough Feg. There is also a touch of  90's Power Metal influence in Airged L'amh, with early Iced Earth and early Blind Guardian being the bands that first come to mind as influences. A great production steadily reveals and supports the band's intentions, offering crystal clear sound repeatedly drawing the listener's attention. The band's performance is extremely first-class (hard workers like Airged L'amh know that you can't play ass-kicking Metal only by listening to your favorite bands, you must excercise also), there's plenty of chemistry in the instruments interaction, yet the philosophy stands for each one - and all of them - in support of the Airged L'amh squad.
Airged L'amh kill! They definitely deserve the attention of a greater audience, they have worked hard in order to succeed that - it's obvious if you listen to The Silver Arm. Don't have anything more to comment about, only… Let The Battle Commence!!!
- Album Highlights: Guardian Of The Ancient Deeds, Dissention Seeds and Armies Assemble

4 Star Rating

Intro / Guardian Of The Ancient Deeds
Fate Of The King
Dissention Seeds
Warp Spasms
Mourning Grief
The Silver Arm
Balor Of The Evil Eye
The Arrival
Armies Assemble
Splendor Divine
Painless Vengeance
End Domain
Steve Venardo - Vocals
Alexander Vasilopoulos - Guitars
George Sofikitis - Guitars
John Tsimas - Bass
George Thanasopoulos - Drums
Record Label: Black Lotus Records


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