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Airstrike - Power in Your Hand

Power in Your Hand
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 January 2023, 2:17 PM

Since the end of the 80’s, the Metal scene of Poland is showing very good acts. Of course, people always think that there are only Death Metal acts as VADER or Black/Death Metal ones as HATE and (obviously) BEHEMOTH. But’s not fair to say that only bands of such genres exist or are born there. No, it’s not right to have such conception, as AIRSTRIKE is here to show with their first album called “Power in Your Hand”. They can be said as a band of Thrash Metal in the most classic way possible, that one created by acts as METALLICA (during “Ride the Lightning” days), ANTHRAX and MEGADETH, and that presents clear influences of traditional Heavy Metal on the band’s melodies (and even some old and good touches of classic Hard Rock). It’s based on a good technical work on each musical instrument, but without becoming complex or pedant to the fans.

It’s full of energy and with many melodic hooks, and it’s not a sin to say that their music is full of an Old School Thrash/Heavy Metal feeling of the first half of the 80’s. But pay attention to one fact: the quartet isn’t living off the past, and is trying to make things on its own way. The sonority of “Power in Your Hand” is very good, making things defined and heavy (as their musical work needs), but in a way that could be better in some moments (because due the need to have an organic appeal, things can sound a bit rawer that the needed sometimes). It’s good, but could be better.

There are many good moments when the band’s musical potential is clear for future higher flights. For now, pieces as “First to Fight” (very good mix between aggressiveness and melodies, with sharp and catchy guitar riffs and melodic solos), “Prey” (the grasping imposed by the hooks is amazing, and it’s impossible to not surrender to the chorus), “It’s a Trap” (it’s a festival of excellent rhythmic contrasts, with bass guitar and drums working in a high level), “You Got to Go” (the melodic side of their music becomes evident, and the Hard Rock feeling is evident on the arrangements, and it’s where the vocals’ tunes are fitting better on the instrumental parts, and some bass guitar arrangements are very good), “Final Stand” (due the use of lingering tempos, the hooking feeling improves a lot, with excellent drumming, indeed), “Because of War” (the hardcorized essence of Thrash Metal becomes clear on the singing, and lovely arrangements of the guitars), and “Power in Your Hand” are the right ones to know the quartet’s offering. But a tip: Daniel can sharp his efforts on the vocals in the future (it’s not bad, but he can do better than that)

“Power in Your Hands” is the right album for those that miss the days when Thrash metal had its melodic side exposed in a better way. And AIRSTRIKE is welcome to the ring, so give them a chance (or, give yourself a chance).

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. First to Fight
2. Prey
3. It’s a Trap
4. You Got to Go
5. Don’t You Dare
6. Final Stand
7. Stop Breathing
8. Because of War
9. Power in Your Hand
10. I Deny
11. Keep Them Away
Daniel Zub - Vocals, Guitars
Mariusz “Czort” Czabajski - Guitars
Maciej Subzda - Bass
Kornel Kłos - Drums
Record Label: Metallurg Music


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