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Aittala - Effigy

by Jessica Howkins at 29 June 2014, 8:36 PM

“Pigs” kicks off “Effigy” immediately with a beautiful wall of bass, however, hopes are not to be heightened for this release sadly.

Throughout “Effigy” – it is noticeable that musically it has some strength to it, however, if there is one thing about this album that puts you off, it’s the vocals. Sounding at an average sort of pub singer strength, personally, it doesn’t fit well and sounds almost drone like amongst the music.

Not to sound like a complete arsehole about AITALLA’s release, throughout “Effigy” it’s obvious that the band has some real talent that they have to offer but sadly just couldn’t break through to put that out there and make this record as mind-blowing as it could have been.

Tracks such as “Deconstruct” and “Selling Heaven” are by far the strongest; they give room for the vocals to actually fit in amongst the music slightly better than any others on the rest of the album in itself.

By far, AITALLA deserve some recognition however for the attitude they have and throw out in their music. As much as the record in itself isn’t doing much for me, I can imagine that live – these guys would knock your fluffy little socks off. How do I know that? Like I said, you can feel the attitude in the music and that’ll reflect in their performances making it a bit more epic than on a studio record.

In a sense, I’m disheartened that I’ve not given AITALLA a good review in a way – these are guys that seem to love their music just as much as you and me and put so much into “Effigy” however, it doesn’t mean their next release will be the same. Here’s hoping that these guys do a tour to show off what they really have going for them!

2 Star Rating

1. Pigs
2. Effigy
3. Russian Roulette
4. Souvenirs
5. Erased
6. Deconstruct
7. Something Wicked This Way Comes
8. Sinister as the Serpent
9. Selling Heaven
10. Creators of Doom
Eric Aittala – Guitar, Vocal
Randall Rhodes – Bass
Gary Smith – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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