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Akefal - Opus Darkness

Opus Darkness
by Justin Joseph at 28 October 2021, 10:08 PM

To paint the feeling of slipping into the void and becoming a host to its essence, to form a cohesive image of the stages of a deteriorating mind that has been plagued by self-loathe, to do so would be like describing the colour of the sky to a blind who knows not vision in his life. But to channel the energy to break down the weight that crushes the shoulder…to etch the emotion into sound well that's a talent like no other in my opinion, for now you are ushering another into this obsidian world where light has forsaken and the spirit of one now becomes a slave.

In my personal opinion this is one of the meritorious abilities that is present on "Opus Darkness" by AKEFAL, for it is an album that conjures forth the elements of Black Metal and sculpts it into a dismal womb that pulsates with a lecherous feeling. Songs such as "First Whore" and "Apotheosis of The Flesh" exhibit both the beauty and chaos unfolded in a myriad of musical patterns fostered by the strings and percussions. However, what is appreciated and stands out is the fusion of both instruments embodied into a singular beast whose serpentine motions slithers into an array of constructs…in other words it's the frenzied musical variations which expels that deranged yet vehement aura.

To another the combination may seem like a mindless expulsion of noise, however while the statement may hold some truth it is like the raging waters that builds up to a wave…a crescendo then crashes into the shores, each wave different in its own way, each sound emitted, grandiose yet distinct…to me this is where AKEFAL thrives for its musical output morphs into different shapes, undulating and meandering but when it's pinnacle is attained, it is the destruction of the monument that demonstrates the sheer aggression in the instrumental variables, "First Ritual of Abomination" is a song which displays the aforementioned description.

Onto the vocals… for this is the breath that cloaks the atmosphere, for if the voices that compels a fractured soul to an early grave where to be given a vessel it would be this album for the very songs evokes the feeling of the verses being spewed from a malevolent beast who possesses many tongues, each one tinged in a different shade of hate.

Overall this is a fantastic album that feels not forced in its delivery of its aggressive output, for I feel the bombardment of the elements is what gives AKEFAL their unique charm with this release, as it is discharged in a torrential manner, visceral and unhinged in everyday…for this same reason is why I would recommend this to every Extreme Metal fan.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The First Whore
2. Apotheosis of the Flesh
3. Ravenous Spawn
4. Opus Darkness
5. Towards Nigredo
6. First Ritual of Abomination
7. Definite Savagery
H.W - Vocals, guitar & bass
J.H - Vocals & guitar
J.M - Drums
Record Label: Shadow Records / Regain Records


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