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Akimbo - Jersey Shores (CD)

Jersey Shores
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 05 December 2008, 8:34 AM

I was damn sure that I know this band from somewhere but I don't remember how I came across them. Anyway, AKIMBO are here to present their brand new album, which to be honest is based on a rather interesting and different concept. Oh, I guess that the Neurot Recordings name has already made you kind of suspicious about what these guys play.

The US based act was formed in the late 90's, having a more Progressive/Punk approach in their first works. They kind of found their sound during 2002/03 with their Elephantine release, which was their sophomore full-length album. With a brand new contract with Neurot Recordings, AKIMBO tip us with their brand new full-length effort.

This is actually a concept album as I said above, based on the events that took place about 92 years ago in the Garden State after a string of shark attacks. Kind of different from the classic concepts we find in many albums, don't you think? Since I started with the non music sectors first, let me also add that the artwork is pretty beautiful and it is obvious that the band has done a great job on the visual part of this album.

Regarding the musical part now, AKIMBO is a Post Hardcore band with some groovy Sludge fragments that make them somehow similar to bands like DOOMRIDERS, TORCHE, ZOZOBRA etc. As every band of this kind, they have this distinctive raw and heavy sound with the ultra distorted bass and the heavy pounding drums. Their music is kind of cool, although an album with 6 tracks and approximately 46 minutes of music is rather tiring at some parts. One more thing I didn't really like was Jon's voice at some clean parts, but I can say for sure that his brutal vocals are the real thing.

All in all, it is a more than decent work from a talented band that can kick butt with some slight adjustments in its sound, in my humble opinion of course. I guess that fans of Post music and Sludge should definitely check them out.

3 Star Rating

Bruder Vansant
Lester Stillwell
Great White Bull
Jersey Shores
Jon Weisnewski - Vocals, Bass
Aaron Walters - Guitar
Nat Damm - Drums
Record Label: Neurot Recordings


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