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Al-Namrood - Wala’at Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 June 2020, 12:57 AM

To deal with music is to face new cultural approaches, and to be forced to leave old conceptions and to face the world as it is. Until some years in the past, personally, I always thought that it would be impossible countries drenched on fundamentalist points of view (especially on religious matters) could never be a good place for Metal bands to be born. But I was wrong, because ORPHANED LAND and MELECHESH (from Israel) and MYRATH (from Tunisia) were proofs that it can, and a new name rises from the sands: AL-NAMROOD, from Saudi Arabia, comes to unleash the Saracen fury with “Wala’at”, their latest release.

It’s an absolute precious pearl, for the band plays a form of Folk/Black Metal filled with Arabian influences and melodies, and it’s not a sin to think of them as an oriental FINNTROLL (but keeping in mind that they show an amazing personal music). It’s not so easy to face such trial, but their music presents a different musical insight, because the vocals aren’t using the same shrieked tunes that are usual, and many more can be detected as more the listener listen to “Wala’at”. And it’s full of energy and aggressive to the bones! The sound quality isn’t in the right level that their music deserves. It’s crude and brutal, but some tunes could be worked in a better way. But it doesn’t cause prejudices for the understanding of what they’re playing and their music is showing.

The album is really great, but songs as “Sahra Yaesa” (excellent mix of Black Metal forms with nasty Arabian melodies), “Tabqia” (a slow paced song with excellent percussion and rhythmic work, and charming keyboards), “Al Shareef Al Muhan” (an amazing catchy set of melodies and energy flow from this one, where the vocals and guitars are great), “Fasique” (a traditional Folk/Black Metal song filled with energy, but with great Arabian influences as well), “Aar Al Estibad”, and “Wahum Althaat” (with an oppressive set of orchestrations and guitar riffs) are the best for a first time on their musical work. On the second, their Oriental seduction will nail everyone.

AL-NAMROOD is a great and wonderful surprise and I hope that “Wala’at” will open the eyes of the world (and labels) to their music. It really deserves to be spread throughout the world.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Al Hirah
2. Sahra Yaesa
3. Tabqia
4. Kali Be Mekialain
5. Al Shareef Al Muhan
6. Fasique
7. Aar Al Estibad
8. Alhallaj
9. Wahum Althaat
10. Alqaum
Humbaba - Vocals
Mephisto - Guitars, Bass
Ostron - Arabian Instruments, Keyboards
Record Label: Shaytan Productions


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