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Al-Namrood - Worship the Degenerate Award winner

Worship the Degenerate
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 June 2022, 3:26 PM

The coming of names as MELECHESH, MYRATH, ORPHANED LAND and others is proof that is possible to have a mix between rhythms of the Middle East countries (in reality, this possibility can be used to any rhythm one chose, because Metal has no ethnic limits). There are many different forms of playing such mix, both in melodic as in extreme tendencies. And the Saudi band AL-NAMROOD shows on “Worship the Degenerate”.

They play a form of Black Metal influenced by names as BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, MARDUK and MAYHEM, with ethnic elements of regional rhythms of Middle East, but using a crude and brutal approach. But one must take care, because their music is rich in contrasts between instrumental arrangements, being nasty and straight in some moments, technical and rich in others, but always aggressive and furious. Yes, it’s different, and it’s very good, indeed, but one must take care of the ears! “Worship the Degenerate” brings a brutal and destructive sonority that can turn bones into dust, with things defined to a point that one can understand what’s being played, but always with an aggressive energy flowing from the instrumental tunes. It could be better, but’s not bad at all.

This massive and brutal form of music is really full of hooks, as can be heard on “Protector of the Herd” (a fast song where regional rhythms comes to sharpen the aggressiveness, and what good parts from bass guitar and drums), “Worship the Degenerate” (even being a short song that nearly lasts 3 minutes, the oppressive aggressiveness and speed shows excellent changes, and the guitar riffs and arrangements are really amazing), “Guerillas” (this one can make ears bleed due its aggressive insight, even with the oriental groove parts, and what great shrieks and grunts on vocals), and “Eclipse” (the aggressiveness is tempered with a darkened oriental feeling, with tempos that aren’t extremely fast, what enriches the technical work of the instruments). But have in mind: all the songs are excellent.

Yes, the sand demons of AL-NAMROOD really created an excellent release on “Worship the Degenerate”, so let the sand storms arise and dive into it!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Protector of the Herd
2. Worship the Degenerate
3. Guerillas
4. Sun of Liberation
5. Eclipse
6. Free Will
Artiya’il - Vocals
Mephisto - Guitars, Bass, Percussion
Record Label: Shaytan Productions


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