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Alan Parsons Project – From the New World

Alan Parsons Project
From the New World
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 19 September 2022, 11:12 PM

Grammy award winning, musical legend Alan Parsons is back with a “star studded” ensemble of guest musicians for this collaboration on the release of his sixth studio album “From the New World” in July 2022. Packing his signature sounds of progressive, symphonic, and classical rock elements into this full-length release of ten new and original songs and one cover. Working with some of the giants in the musical landscape over his 50+ years in the industry, Alan Parsons is no stranger to mixing it up. With so many amazing, talented, and diverse guest musicians on this album, I wonder if Parsons will venture into new, uncharted waters or stay on dry land and get back to his comfort zone sound. When I looked at the line-up, my reaction was the same as Flounder from Animal House “Oh Boy, is this is gonna be great”

Nice melodic opening to “Fare Thee Well” with silky guitar and orchestral backdrop, somber, ambient melody drizzled in with some saxophone, a strong PINK FLOYD sounding song. Track number two brings in “The Secret”, a thumping beat mixed with classic riffs and vocal harmonizing, lacking passion, a tedious tempo. I am really looking forward to “Uroboros” that features one of my favorite singers, Tommy Shaw on lead vocals, starts out fairly constant with the first two songs, melodic with soft guitar riffs with nicely mixed backing vocals, straight line tempo that hesitates to get heavier. “Don’t Fade Now”, has Alan Parsons on lead vocals, a hypnotic, ambient melody with soothing guitar riffs and brief solo, this one sounded like “Blackbird” by THE BEATLES. Another one of my favorite singers on “Give ‘Em My Love” is James Durbin, again starts out somber and mellow, but finally gets grooving and rocking with the guitar solo from Joe Bonamassa that pushes this song heavier paired with sharp percussion. Another soft, constant sound on “You are the Light”, tight harmonizing and velvety tempo. We end the album with a remake of THE RONETTES classic song from 1963 “Be My Baby” with vocals provided by gospel singer Tabitha Fair, this song doesn’t veer from the original sound at all, has me confused on why he didn’t put his individual spin on this song.

“From The New World” seems to be filled with Alan Parsons writing and recording music in which he feels most comfortable with. I think I used the words “ambient”, “mellow” and “somber” more on this review than any other, but that was the only way to describe the songs. With so many diverse guest musicians on board for this project, I was expecting more. The songs all had a familiar and routine sound. I’m not questioning the musicianship, or the lyrics, both were fantastic, but I came away with wanting more. I’m sure it’s my “metalhead” mentality needing something that delivered heavier. I still gave an overall high rating because there is a lot to like on this album. Fans of classic ALAN PARSONS PROJECT will not be disappointed. A particularly good album, just not great, sorry, Flounder.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Fare Thee Well
2. The Secret
3. Uroboros (featuring Tommy Shaw)
4. Don’t Fade Now
5. Give ‘Em My Love (featuring James Durbin & Joe Bonamassa)
6. Obstacles
7. I Won’t be led Astray (featuring David Pack & Joe Bonamassa)
8. You are the Light
9. Halos
10. Goin’ Home
11. Be my Baby (featuring Tabitha Fair)
Alan Parsons, Tommy Shaw, David Pack, James Durbin, P.J. Olsson, Todd Cooper, Dan Tracey, Mark Mikel, Tabitha Fair – lead vocals
Alan Parsons, Tommy Shaw, Tabitha Fair, Todd Cooper, P.J. Olsson, Dan Tracey, Doug Powell, Mark Mikel, Chris Shutters, Scott Hunt – backing vocals
Alan Parsons, Jeff Kollman, Dan Tracey, Doug Powell, Jeff Marshall, James Durbin, Tim Pierce - guitars
Guy Erez - bass
Danny Thompson – drums
Tom Brooks, Doug Powell, Matt McCarrin, Kim Bullard – keyboards
Todd Cooper – saxophone
Mika Larson - cello
Record Label: Frontiers Music SRL


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Edited 04 February 2023

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