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Alberto Rigoni - Overloaded

Alberto Rigoni
by Yngwieviking at 24 June 2014, 3:34 PM

This new album by Italian Bass master Alberto Rigoni (TWINSPIRITS) was self financed by the fan's contribution campaign method. I was one of the numerous proud donators. I’m pretty glad of my decision, because this piece of music engraved onto a silver platter is exalting, and as a fan of instrumental music, it’s a true blast with all the ingredients that I love pushed at its maximum!

The songwriting is very consistant, if the focus is primarily centered in the melodic side first,  and also to the harmonic creativity in the continuity. Of course each track contains a fair amount of amazing chops and instrumental wizardry solos, a delivery full of mastery and expertise with an absolute virtuosic intensity! The icing on the cake is the fabulous line up of incredible musicians that are guesting on this recording, notably an omnipresent superb trio of axe shredders in a great diversity of styles. From fluid legato runs to speed picking flash, each and every fretboard trick is represented. The musicianship of this talented galactic team is mind blowing, they can handle almost every style in coherency, from ambient (“Floating Capsule”) to Classic Rock, from Progressive to Groove or Metal!

The Drummer and the Keyboards player are both first class musicians, it’s easy to understand how they get the job. They are gifted to the extreme, they are responsible for some thrilling fills, odd patterns arrangments (“Chron”) and thick textures!

You will find in this album, an incredible amount of jaw dropping moments. Including DGM’s mastermind Simone Mularoni’s superb over the top licks and fullshred technic onslaught for the cuts “Corruption” & “Ubick”, which are indeed more than impressive. The Marco Sfogli’s subtle playing is shining in the title track. He possess a strong enough technique to satisfy the most discriminating and all the picky guitar experts, along with his tasty tone and his clever phrasé. Those specific parameters are giving to this song a real Epic Prog shuffle!

Shrapnel Records recording artist Fabrizio “bicio” Leo is playing his heart out in the song “Liberation”, in a prestigious mix of Rock tradition and Jazz Fusion, like an improbable meeting between Greg Howe and Michael Lee Firkins…Go figure!

“Overloaded” it’s forty minutes and nine tracks of pure blistering pleasure with an impressive composing method displayed by Alberto Rigoni, a demonstration of his undeniable artistic spirit, and his huge capacity for Musical synthesis and of course intense bass playing!

Obviously this ambitious solo album is recommended to rigorous lovers of vertiginous music with many challenging parts and to the admirers of demanding instrumentation interplays with an ultra high level of execution!

This album will be available to the masses in early July throughthe PowerProg / Nightmare Records / Disc Union / Any And All Rec. Alliance.

4 Star Rating

1. What’s On Your Mind
2. Overloaded
3. Chon
4. Floating Capsule
5. Corruption
6. Ubick
7. Multitasking
8. Liberation
9. Glory Of Life
Alberto Rigoni – Bass
Denis Novello – Drums
Federico Solasso – Keyboards
Simone Mularoni – Lead Guitars
Marco Sfogli - Lead Guitars
Fabrizio Leo - Lead Guitars
Record Label: Power Prog


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