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Alberto Rigoni Featuring Marco Minnemann - EvoRevolution Award winner

Alberto Rigoni Featuring Marco Minnemann
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 20 June 2018, 12:03 PM

After releasing about six albums in the last nine years and numerous collaborations with various artists in the genres of progressive rock, poprock and much more, we are exposed to the brand new invention of Alberto Rigoni  featuring Marco Minnemann at the drums kit .There are no guitars here , only bass and drums. Sound crazy? Well , no. Here we have an interesting exploration and innovation using that badass and so often letfover instrument that is bass guitar (ok i play bass i'm a sellout haha). Alberto Rigoni is well known internationally for his bass playing passion, he’s featured in the Bass Player Magazine  in japan, and he ‘s played with Gavin Harrison in the past for another great album he released a few years ago.

« EcoRevolution «  is an instrumental conceptual progressive rock (heavy progrock) album consisting of about thirty eight minutes for two tracks, consisting in a first track splitted in six chapters and an epilogue of four minutes just before the curtains falls. Choosing to have no lyrics and no singing is quite adventurous and should have been a great challenge. You don't have any words to express what you want to say. The music is doing all the jobs and that’s quite cool too because it leaves a lot of space to create and display a wide spectre of emotions and feelings. It was a major pleasure for me to have the privilege to have to review this album. The bass shows his versatility, power, emotion-rendering faculties, and his magnificence! We do have samplings of voices there and there guiding us through a little of the author's intentions. In the few first minutes the playing reminds of a well-known bassist here in Canada named Alain Caron, especially in the fretless parts. Minnemann's playing is perfect and lifts the song to higher levels. I hear a DREAM THEATER influence too. Is he a Dug Pinnick (KING'S X) fan too?

In the first track and through all the six chapters we follow the evolution of society (i guess) or a civilization of people passing through time with good or bad decisions ; the rise and fall of a civilization till its destruction to exit in to a greater life ahead and reconstruction. Let's say this is a hard task with only two instruments. But people used to progressive music will find their way into this multitude of expressions and artistic deployment. While being sophisticated this album is quite easy to listen to. It’s like a 38 minutes movie without screen and images. Well no they are there but from your mind's collaboration.I will surely look at the other albums available to perform a better exploration of this artist. The production is neat, the artwork quite simple and effective, the music is complex while being accessible. It’s a great album for people wanting to explore instrumental music and maybe also  feel all the expressions that a bass guitar has to offer.

Originality: 9
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. EvoRevolution
2. Back to life 
Alberto Rigoni - Bass
Marco Minnemann - Drums
Record Label: AR Music Promotion


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