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Alchemy Of Flesh - Ageless Abominations Award winner

Alchemy Of Flesh
Ageless Abominations
by Craig Rider at 21 September 2021, 10:13 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ALCHEMY OF FLESH; signed via Redefining Darkness Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Death Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Ageless Abominations" (released August 13th, 2021).

Since formation in 2017 as CHOPPING MALL, and 2018-2019 as SCULPTED HORROR, the band will reform under the moniker ALCHEMY OF FLESH in 2019. The soloist in question have 2 Singles entitled: "Slipgates To Annihilation" (released June 18th, 2021), "Flamma Nera Rites" (released July 28th, 2021) & this here debut album entitled: "Ageless Abominations". 9 tracks ranging at around 38:58, this Death Metal act arranges an intricately designed formula on the sub-genre with meticulous results.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy barraged frenzy of thunderous savagery; "Pain Primordial" executes a flamboyant distinction in blistering adrenaline, amplified grit and concrete bounciness. Boisterously rifting with monstrously meaty tightness amongst a towering slab of solid yet volatile pandemonium. Where sturdy thuds tremble with rumbling reverberation, showcasing gnarly distortion & belting clobberings that bruises eardrums with impactful force. There's this progressively technical synergy that bludgeons a crunchy heft on blast beating chugs, while frolicking with galloping laceration on killer yet sulfurous stability. "House Of Earth" shreds with rip-roaring malice, where grovelling blasphemy compiles groundbreaking fretworks and furious firepower expertise.

Consisting of Tim Rowland who performs on all instruments and vocals; the soloist excels at a brilliant conundrum in shouty pipes that supply raspy throatiness, gruesome gutturals that growl with weighty snares. While the drums distil a slamming ramification on punchy piledrives, rambunctious thumpiness & stampeding slays. Grinding into an organic substance of rapidly swift nimbleness, quintessential ruthlessness & smacking rage. Thumping out stompy remedy where trailblazing mobility ominously pounds out rawly rough yet razor-sharp chisels which pierces through you like a battering ram on shuddering severity. "Lobsel Vith" surges with wildly rushing tonality, where dexterously abominable filth manifests with this ponderous utilisation of vehement versatility. Skyrocketing desecration experiments with this hybrid calamity, as chunky deadliness attributes at a hardened element in embodying profusely robust sludginess that smothers you with filth amongst grime interspersed with unbound headiness mightily.

"Slipgates To Annihilation" grumbles with more sinister mayhem, chaotically crafting bombarding havoc in an intensely immense maelstrom of salubriously neck-breaking greatness. Arming a brimming overdose on some monolithic tempos, pugnacious sludge and impending doom that annihilates you with bone-crushing precision. This venomous injection on infectious but grumbling vigour, viciously unleashes visceral grooves and dirty grips that hook with furious pursuits on striking yet seething oppression. "Knotter Of Entrails" executes at a drony/doomy fusion of aggression, spreading your soul with smothering systematics of face-melting stridency. Steamrolling with rollicking rifts which swerve with quaking but bulldozing bruisers, that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs excessively.

"Sleeping Chaos" is like a nightmarish vision of slamming exhilaration, assaulting you with outbursting uproar & pulsating madness. Where the fundamental flexibility of the riffs revolve around at a complexly creative but hybrid and blast beating rate, where heavy blows continuously slaps with strong pipes of blood-curdling malice until more bashful chops of rigourous hostility engage at an extreme momentum of persistent perseverance which wonders with spectral heat. "Lava Storm" is exactly that, this red hot knack of sonically seamless relentlessness & smouldering metamorph of densely compact conundrums in grunty belligerence on hellfire eruption. Everything about this record is filled with nothing but pure potency on vibrant barbarics, brutal bestiality and utmost ripping cannibalism in which totally makes you feel like a demolition charged madman at all times.

The penultimate banger "Flamma Nera Rites" symbiotically conjures a gruesome flair in archaic muscle, where bludgeoning furore implements thrashing tightness which rolls with manic possession which overtakes your inner demon destructively (of the good kind of which your neck & soul will be most thankful for). Concluding "Ageless Abominations" with the finale epic "Opener Of The Way"; I am compelled to say that ALCHEMY OF FLESH most certainly outdone themselves overall, for a single musician - this is just utterly brilliant instrumentation through & through. Firing all cylinders, Tim most surely puts on a fantastic listen. Full of revving riffs, riveting pounds and immensely intense foundations in borderline punchline severity that most surely deserves discovery. Enjoyably entertaining Death Metal marvels with unrelenting talent, skill & steely precision.

ALCHEMY OF FLESH is a tribute solo artistry dedicated to Tim’s inner geekdom of Video Games, a lot of the songwriting is based on such visionaries such as Quake, Doom & other nerdy landscapes. Death Metal & Video Games are a match made in hell, it’s utterly impressive that this soloist performs well within this caliber in brutality amongst death.

Bottom line; this is Death Metal at its finest, and even more splendid that one man can do all this on his lonesome! Do check it out, worthy of spinning & replaying a good handful of times. All Death Metal maniacs will love it for sure!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Pain Primordial
2. House of Earth
3. Lobsel Vith
4. Slipgates to Annihilation
5. Knotter of Entrails
6. Sleeping Chaos
7. Lava Storm
8. Flamma Nera Rites
9. Opener of the Way
Tim Rowland - Everything
Record Label: Redefining Darkness Records


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