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Alchemysts - One Eyed Again (Reissue)

One Eyed Again (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 September 2021, 3:26 PM

During the 90’s, with the flood of many different Rock genres under the Alternative Rock label, many bands fused elements of early Punk Rock with Rock from the 70’s and many more elements. It was a time when experiments were done with old elements to create new ways. One of those who did it is the underrated British trio ALCHEMYSTS. But in an act of courage, Tee Pee Records made reissues of their two albums. This one is about the 1996 album, “One Eyed Again”.

They play a nasty and crude form of music that mixes elements from Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, all of them in their forms used during the 70’s. But the trio produces something new and fresh, different and charming, with very good melodies and catchy choruses and some noisy parts. Honestly, their music sounds better than what was heard on songs from Alternative Rock/Grunge Rock giants from those days, with a massive and organic energy flowing from their songs. And they show a very good handmade intuition on the arrangements. The production worked in a form to generate a sonority that could be organic and let their songs flow with energy. But on the other hand, even working in a handmade form, things are defined and guided by a sense that the listener must understand what’s being played. And things worked in a very good way, indeed.

Their 12 songs will be a delight for those into such a form of music, especially for moments as the contrasts of ambiences of “One Eyed Again” (with a wise use of distorted guitar parts with cleaner moments) and “Blind Side” (this one shows the energy of the 70’s transposed to the 90’s, boosted by good work on bass guitar and drums), the modern filthy of “Bloody Mary” (very good melodies), the Grunge/Hard Rock introspective feeling of “Lost” and “Swarm” (this one with a more aggressive insight on the guitars), the melodic Rock song “A Road” (a touch of Pop Rock is clear on it, and the vocals fits in a great way on this one), and the long and full of rhythmic contrasts “Stoned in Jerusalem” (noisy parts, ‘sabbathic’ guitars and a monolithic weight appears on this one).

ALCHEMYSTS deserved better luck in its days, but now, anyone can appreciate what they show on “One Eyed Again” for sure.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. One Eyed Again
2. Blind Side
3. Cuff Link
4. Bloody Mary
5. Lost
6. Swarm
7. Dust Devil
8. A Road
9. Phantom Gun
10. Skin Thing
11. Stoned in Jerusalem
12. Frances (R.I.P.)
Jon Guard - Bass, Vocals
Paul Simmons - Guitars
Mat Love - Drums
Record Label: Tee Pee Records


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