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Alchemysts - Over & Out (Reissue)

Over & Out (Reissue)
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 September 2021, 3:29 PM

As the 90’s were ending, the Alternative Rock/Grunge days (as a commercial trend) were numbered. Things were changing in the musical market, and the bands that lived under the mix of influences that could be addressed on such genres were changing their music, as a consequence of the end of the commercial success or of evolution. And the British trio ALCHEMYSTS came with their second album “Over & Out” in 1998.

Even keeping many musical elements heard on their first album, “One Eyed Again”, their second release was into a more coherent way, condensing in a better way all their influences. And this led the band to have a more Hard Rock outfit, with the abrasive and greasy weight of the 70’s, but in an updated form for those days. And it means that their music was boosted by charming nasty melodies, a dirty energy with a clear organic feeling. Yes, it’s a good release, indeed. The production worked, once more, in a way to keep their musical work with an organic and handmade sonority, but in a way that the listeners could understand without problems. Even today, the ‘60’s-70’s’ way of it sounds great to the ears, especially because everything can be heard without problems.

The abrasive and accessible hooks heard on “Big Black Beetles” (very good bass guitar parts and vocals), the introspective dirty of “Numinous”, the nasty Punk Rock energy of “Alpha Centauri” and of “Harhowaloy!” (both with very good drums parts), the dirty Pop Rock song “(Bracket)” (very good melodies created by the guitars), the introspective Country feeling used on “25th of July”, and the fuzzy energy of “A Surreal Meal” are the best ones for a first  ride into their music.

“Over & Out” is a fine testimony that a band as ALCHEMYSTS lived in this world, so enjoy the ride!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Forget About It
2. Big Black Beetles
3. Numinous
4. Alpha Centauri
5. Laugh
6. Harhowaloy!
7. Dead Time
8. (Bracket)
9. Thee Head Chemyst
10. Yesterday It Was a Secret
11. 25th of July
12. A Surreal Meal
Jon Guard - Bass, Vocals
Paul Simmons - Guitars
Mat Love - Drums
Record Label: Tee Pee Records


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