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Alcoholator - Escape From Reality Award winner

Escape From Reality
by V.Srikar at 10 May 2015, 2:39 PM

Other than a few bands like TANKARD and MUNICIPAL WASTE, not many bands have been able to cement their name as recognized Beer driven Thrash band. ALCOHOLATOR from Montreal bring out their 2nd full length “Escape From Reality” this May 15th to try and push their name in the niche segment within Thrash Metal genre. For anyone who knows what bullshit I’m talking about, it isn’t very difficult to guess the type of music to that is in this album just by looking at the album artwork.

But seriously, looking closer into the album tells me that these beer drinkers have nearly reached my expectations, with the bullet like constant thumping riffs and mild supporting drums beats, and the screaming gang vocals spitting out casual party style lyrics, all exactly what I expected. The Punk influence is sprinkled all throughout the album, and it’s just the Thrash you would be proud to hear in 2015. But make no mistake; this is no copy paste of the aforementioned influential bands of the genre. The songs chug along very fast before you even realize, as the music takes you into the world of nasty beer drinking and moshing. With song names like “Punch Drunk” and “Cursed By My Thirst” it’s very easy to put on this record on any casual time of the day and headbang for a song or a two in your busy day and get back to your work, though there are songs here and there with sociopolitical lyrics. It’s basically no frills Thrash, and some seasoned fans may hate them for the same reason. My favorite song in this record is “Fuck Your Skull” with its intro speech giving shrills through my nerves, before it embarks on a crazy Thrash journey.

The problem with this style of Thrash is, even many seasoned Thrash fans don’t take these bands seriously just because of their casual lyrical style, but frankly speaking the music on offer here is as good on any other worthwhile Thrash album. It must take some balls to name your band as ALCOHOLATOR, but to do so and bring out some quality Thrash is amazing. While this effort doesn’t top the legends like MUNICIPAL WASTE and TANKARD, it brings out something new to even the seasoned Thrash fan, and the band does just enough to keep the listener interested all throughout. Pick out your nearest beer can and play this record. Mosh.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Punch Drunk
3. Escape From Reality
4. Dictator
5. The Bleeder
6. Out Of Control
7. Molotov Cocktail
8. Human
9. Plastic Surgery
10. Fuck Your Skull
11. Cursed By My Thirst
Matt Butcher - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars
Oli Whiskey - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Phil Macht - Drums
Louis-Seize - Bass
Record Label: High Roller Records


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