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Aldaaron - Supreme Silence

Supreme Silence
by Rebecca Miller at 30 August 2012, 1:50 PM

I’ve never really delved all that much into the world of Black Metal. And I’ve certainly never heard Metal sung entirely in French. So “Supreme Silence” by ALDAARON has introduced me to a few new things. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that impressed. This is their second full length release, having released “Nous Reviendrons Immortels” in 2010.

Even though I’m not familiar with the genre, I don’t think that this has colored my view of the band, indeed, I don’t really have anyone to compare them to so I can be pretty objective about it (well, as objective as a review driven by opinions can be…). Regardless of this though, I was underwhelmed by this album. Technically, it’s good, I’ve no complaints in that department – they’re rather good musicians – but it just didn’t have enough variety for me. If I’m completely honest, at times I lost track of which song I was listening to, because they all kind of just blended it to each other, with the same rhythms and beats. I don’t think that they really do anything groundbreaking here, or anything that would particularly capture people’s attention. There are bits here and there which stand out – the guitar work and vocals are pretty good – but unfortunately these moments are far and few between.

I think that individually, the members of ALDAARON are good musicians – I could certainly tell that much from these six songs – but they seem to have come together and created songs that just don’t show off these talents well enough. They try to create an atmosphere on “Supreme Silence”, but to be brutally honest, all I could think of was a wet weekend. It started off with such promise – first track “Renegat” has a nice little acoustic guitar introduction – but it never really goes anywhere. More importantly, I don’t think it ever really takes the listener anywhere, either. I think they could have done with some more of these acoustic bits, and maybe make more use of the little keyboard accompaniments that showed up a couple of times.

Overall, I was left disappointed with “Supreme Silence”, and maybe if the band had mixed things up a bit, rather than sticking to a formula, they might have produced something to keep me interested. It’s always difficult for new bands to break into an established genre, especially one that has a fan base like Black Metal does, but maybe they should have tried to break the mould, just that little bit.

2 Star Rating

1. Renegat
2. L’Homme Souverain
3. La Legende Des Fils
4. Une Priere Au Vent De L’Est
5. J’Atteindrai La Purete
6. Supreme Silence
Thøl – Bass
Ioldar – Guitars/Vocals
Voldr – Guitars/Vocals
Mörkk - Drums
Record Label: BlackSkull Records


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