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Alehammer - Barmageddon

by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 24 December 2013, 6:16 PM

ALEHAMMER is a Death Metal band from Chicago, Illinois. All of the members were in previous bands, which I have not personally listened to. As the name suggests, many of the songs on this album are alcohol themed. Also as the boys’ names suggest, it seems that they have an interesting sense of humor. The album has a very raw, unclean sound to it, very old school Death mMetal. These guys are heavy but overly brutal, and they are not really melodic at all.

As far as the composition of the album, it is put together just fine. Everybody is together and right on. The drum work is decent, but not over the top. There is some double bass. It’s not anything fast and crazy. The guitar work is decent as well. No fast screaming riffs, but they keep the melody of the song. The overall heaviness is not over the top, but it certainly ain’t soft. Now the vocals are deep guttural growls as one would expect from your typical Death Metal.

ALEHAMMER seems like they would be cool to check out on drunken Saturday night when you feel like moshing and drinking a few brews. I personally however could not see just throwing them on to listen too on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong I like the raw heavy sound that they have, but there really isn’t anything here to keep my interest. With songs like “ABV 666”, they show that dark side that most metal is good for. They’re put together just fine, and the songs flow smoothly, but as I said before these guys seem more like a band to see live on a drink happy Saturday night.

3 Star Rating

1. ABV 666
2. Cunts to a Man
3. Fermented Death
4. Floormonger
5. Last Orders
6. Nemesis
Shrub McShrubbery - Bass
Shrew Shrewster - Drums
Scoot Von Sticklebck - Guitars
Karl The Iron Patten - Vocals
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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