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Alex Masi - Theory Of Everything

Alex Masi
Theory Of Everything
by Maria Kallinikou at 29 July 2010, 2:07 PM

When I come across instrumental releases that usually aim in leaving us in all astonishment with technique and speed, then I tend to be sceptical. “Theory Of Everything” owes its existence in only one man, Alex Masi. Not exactly sure if that name rings a bell to most people, but it is worth mentioning that for his first solo album “Attack Of The Neon Shark” he was nominated for a Grammy award for the best instrumental Rock album. He is not a guitarist that likes to stuck to in a specific genre, thus the numerous projects he has participated in and his discography that starts from 1987. Four years after his last solo album “Late Nights At Desert’s Rimrock”, he returns with “Theory Of Everything”. It is always surprising having the chance of observing how a guitarist can take care of every instrument, every single detail and every effect and loop, just because in a way persuades that it is not only the guitar lines that assist an album to beat the mediocre releases.

“Theory Of Everything” is a flair combination of melodies and effects. If Itell you that "progressive meets funk and oriental", probably won’t sound that promising to your ears, although in such cases words seem really poor. “Ladies Of The House”, which I consider to be the most influential track of the album, amazes with its oriental base and its guitar riffs. “Queen Of Headfuck” increases the tempo and the leads make clear why such a title was picked. “The Past” with its warm liquid sound turns the tempo once again down. “Breakfast At Owsley’s” with a psychedelic kinda intro opens the doors of ascension to progressive sound whereas more beats are added in “Big Bad Science” and is topped with industrial effects too. If you take some rhythm parts of AC/DC and let them play in adagio tempo, plus furnish your guitar sound with spooky effects then “Jam On The Haunted Hill” is what you get. “Have A Talk With God” is mostly funk, and the philosophical joke behind the title and the funky sound is the thought “hell yeah, God might be a hippie”. “Soul Virus Hack” is the last track of the album and returns to the industrial-progressive sound.

There is huge genre diversity in this release. Ethnic, industrial, progressive, funk, blues, Hard Rock, Metal. Nevertheless, this album has astounding continuity. Alex Masi is a charismatic guitarist without putting aside everything else. This is not another guitar album where the demonstration of the technique relies only in the tempo and just the guitar lines. He has invested great effort in every detail of this album. If it’s said that a picture is a thousand words, then this album helps you see that a melody is a million pictures. This is a trip, honestly.

4 Star Rating

  1. Theory Of Nothing
  2. Ladies Of The House
  3. Queen Of Headfuck
  4. The Past
  5. Breakfast At Owsley’s
  6. Big Bad Science
  7. Scratch The Meat
  8. Jam On Haunted Hill
  9. Have A Talk With God
  10. Soul Virus Hack
Alex Masi – All Instruments, Effects
Record Label: Lion Music


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