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Alexisonfire - Crisis (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 January 2007, 2:34 PM

This time it has gone too far guys! You have been sick and tired of listening to me complain about how many Metalcore bands I have reviewed and how tiring this genre has become. This time it is much worse! I have to tell you something, do NOT get confused by the tags the internet gives this band's music. It is a conspiracy!!!

ALEXISONFIRE is a Canadian band, which was formed in late 2001. Their debut album was Alexisonfire (2002), which was issued through Distort. This album's success led to a distribution deal Equal Vision, which later released their second album, Watch Out!. By the summer of 2006, ALEXISONFIRE were officially part of Vagrant's roster, the label that released their fourth full-length album, Crisis.

As I mentioned above, there is a conspiracy behind this band. Many people describe their music as Hardcore, Post Hardcore and stuff like that. Beware people, it is Emocore! It may have a few Hardcore elements but it is mainly Emocore! This album contains all the classic stuff you expect to find in this kind of music. Great production, many melodies, brutal vocals that are accompanied by melodic ones, catchy tunes and very nice drumming compose the whole atmosphere. Basically, since I haven't listened to much stuff from this genre and since I don't like this kind of music at all there are not many things to say for this album. The only thing I have to say is that I will try to be as objective as possible and admit that this album will seem a nice choice for all the Emocore kids out there (ages ranging from 14 to 19).

Crisis is an album that could cause a crisis to me (even a heart attack) if I continued listening to it. To the Emocore kids, it may seem a bit better. Comb your hair, wear your make up and go to the nearest record store to buy this album. I wonder, are there any Emocre guys out there who are older than 30 years old?

3 Star Rating

Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints
This Could Be Anywhere In The World
Mailbox Arson
Boiled Frogs
We Are The Sound
You Burn First
We Are The End
Keep It On Wax
To A Friend
Rough Hands
George Pettit - Vocals
Dallas Green - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Wade MacNeil - Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Steele - Bass
Jordan Hastings - Drums
Guest Musicians:
Gared O' Donnell - Vocals
Scott Russell - Hand Claps, Gang Vocals
Julius Butty - Vocals
Record Label: Vagrant Records


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