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Alfahanne – Atomvinter Award winner

by Caio Botrel at 30 October 2019, 7:00 PM

ALFAHANNE is a Rock N' Roll band from Sweden that has Black Metal, Punk Rock and Gothic elements on their music. The Swedish rockers have released their fourth album "Atomvinter" which means nuclear winter and that's what we are going to talk about.

The opening song from the album is the title track "Atomvinter" and it starts out with a cool guitar melody followed by heavy bass n' drums that helped creating a good ambiance. The vocals hits in and it sounds aggressive, dirty and reminded me a little bit of Black Metal. I liked how they mixed up the aggressiveness of the vocals with the harmonic instrumental parts. There's an acoustic steel string guitar as well, which added to the song some melody as well. The next song is about the "Lovers Against The World" and it starts with a dark piano supported by some drums while the guitar play some arrangements. The vocals on this one sounds a little bit less aggressive and cleaner than the previous song. It has a very different ambiance and its kind of a dancing song as well and the chorus is very catchy. I liked the guitar work on this one and the keys added a good sound to the song.

"Allas Mot Allas" starts out with a harsh vocals and then the guitar melodies come in while the bass n' drums with a cool 80's vibe sounds in the background. There's a guttural vocal on this one for the chorus and I think it gave the song so much more power and dynamic. It's kind of a Black N' Roll. Are you searching for "A Place To Call Home" this song starts with a cool steel string acoustic guitar and some guitar melodies that helped creating a different mood and it kind of transports you to a Swedish lake house among the woods. It has cool Black Metal kind of riffs and I loved how they mixed up different styles on this one. It's probably one of the best songs on the whole album.

"Sluten Cirkel" starts with a Rock N' Roll kind of drums played to a sound that reminded me of THE 69 EYES and there's this cool guitar riff that will make you dance.  "Sakna Mig Som Om Jag Vore Död" and it starts sounding like a Punk Rock song but with some Black Metal elements. It's possible to feel the coldness that this song has and the vocal lines from the stanzas and the chorus sounds like a speech. It's a different song with Punk vibe. Oh man, it's "The Heavy Burden" it's a really energetic song and it has the Rock N' Roll, Black Metal and Punk elements that these guys already showed that are able to make. I liked the duet between the guttural vocals and the clean ones. The chorus is really catchy and you will bang your head.

"Himlen Kan Vänta" has a cool atmosphere created by the guitars, sounding bass and heavy drums. The vocal lines are good and catchy, even if you don't speak Swedish, it still a good one.  The song that closes the album is "En Tight Knut" and it starts with a dark and horrifying keyboard sound. The drums and aggressive vocals helped created the ambiance, until the guitar hits in with some more darkness feeling. This song has a different vibe and I think they did a cool job here.

ALFAHANNE have written and recorded a great album with a lot of different influences that gave to it a whole different dynamic and it doesn't sound boring. The execution of each instrument was really well done, the songs were well written and the production was dope. By far, it's one of my favorite releases that came out from Sweden this year.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Atomvinter
2. Lovers Against The World
3. Alla Mot Alla
4. A Place To Call Home (Ärla Bogg)
5. Sluten Cirkel
6. Sakna Mig Som Om Jag Vore Död
7. The Heavy Burden
8. Himlen Kan Vänta
9. Em Tight Knut
Pehr Skjoldhammer – Vocals and Guitar
Frederik Sööberg – Guitar
Jimmy Wiberg – Bass
Niklas  Åström  - Drums
Stefan Eriksson – Keyboards
Record Label: Indie Recordings


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