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Algebra – Pulse?

by Brad Pfundheller at 01 October 2019, 4:51 PM

From the shores of Lake Geneva; in a city called Lausanne, Switzerland. Thrash Metal band ALGEBRA brings forth their third full length album titled “Pulse?”.  All current members formed back in 2008 and have been busy since their demo release of the same year. Together, they have released three LP’s, an EP, and a live LP with their latest being “Pulse?” which is debuting at the end of September courtesy of Unspeakable Axe Records.

The LP kicks off with “Ego Destroyed” and this track serves as an intro to the thrash that you’re about to get into on the album. “Inner Constraints” is full of the classic thrash metal sound throughout. Fast pace drumming, passionate yells from the vocalists, and guitar power chords. “Addicted to Authority” starts out with a singular rhythm guitar until the rest of the band joins in a few moments later. The vocals don’t appear until about a little after a minute in. This song really has the 80’s and 90’s feel to it. “Digital Master” I would say has roughly the same vibes. More power chords and fast hitting high hats. I got to say the guitar solo in this song is pretty sweet. Everything overall has a good flow to it.

“Manipulated Soul” begins with some guitar chugging accompanied with a dark and gloomy riff lead. And it eventually speeds up as the song progresses. “Prelude to Hate” starts out clean and gives you the anticipating feeling of what’s going to happen next. Well, following is the song “Hateful Source” and here they turn up the gain on the same riff and brings you into what feels like preparation for battle. I really like how they connected these two tracks. There’s more hard hitting drums and distorted guitar chugs throughout.  “Pulse?” is very fast with an insane double kick pedal that’ll make you want to mosh around the room. It goes from fast and slamming, to delicate and groovy. The guitar playing in this one is impressive.

Overall, these guys have a lot of talent and dedication to the music they are creating. There are parts throughout that really reminded me of 80’s punk and other times early PANTERA or SLAYER. The production seemed to be all there and other than that ALGEBRA is just your average thrash metal band. I would recommend checking them out.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Ego Destroyed
2. Inner Constraints
3. Addicted to Authority
4. Digital Master
5. Quantum God
6. Simulated Mind
7. Manipulated Soul
8. Prelude to Hate
9. Hateful Source
10. Concrete Jungle
11. Pulse?
12. Dead Embryonic Cells
Edy – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Phil – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Mat – Bass/Backing Vocals
Tony – Drums
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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