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Algos – The Death of Seasons

The Death of Seasons
by Te Hao Boon at 21 July 2015, 10:51 AM

I am usually quite sceptical about one-man bands; many times they bite off more than they can chew and it just feel like a monkey trying to juggle while cooking a five course meal at the same time. However, ALGOS prove to me that as long as you have a good idea and technical proficiency in your instruments, you can sound like a full touring band with the right equipment!

This is a very Melodic Death Metal album, and it has this great Gothic vibe to it. I would not be surprised if the band put countless pictures of cathedrals and gargoyles as inspiration for this album. The album begins like a new Final Fantasy or Castlevania game, and it ends almost as quickly as it begins. It was pity that the beginning was rushed as it could have set the mood of the album really well.

I love the piano in this album, it sounds really warm and it begins the riff for the guitar to pick up and continue upon. At times, you can hear Neo-Classical/Power Metal influences and it makes the album much more layered. Very exciting! A major issue I have is how this album rushes through ideas: when one has just started to enjoy a concept, the song has moved on to the next movement. In fact, sometimes the changes is so uninformed and abrupt that I go back to my music player thinking that the next track has start, only to find out it is still the same song. This is partly due to how productions quality changes too drastically from one movement to the next one. As long as the artist corrects that little problem by getting the album professionally mixed, this project can go far and have a very distinct identity in the Metal community. Despite being an album that is 66 minutes long, I was never bored and would most definitely be a much happier lad if certain tracks were expanded upon.

This is a bedroom project that has potential to be in the pits with many other great upcoming bands, people just need to give it a try and disregard its garageband-ish mixing quality. I am pretty confident that these pieces will sound great with a live band performing these unique pieces!

3 Star Rating

1. Canvas
2. Realm of Madness
3. Wanderer
4. Autumn’s End
5. Eternal Winter
6. The Flood
7. Sails
8. To Wake in Dreams
9. Hymn to Anubis
10. Sleeping Giants
11. Fragmented
12. The Death of Seasons

Jurre Timmer - All Instruments
Record Label: Independent


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